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Lords Chamber
Nationality and Borders Bill
2nd reading - Wed 05 Jan 2022
Home Office

1: Lord Craig of Radley (CB - Life peer) non-UK service personnel who are veterans of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces? - Speech Link
2: Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb (GRN - Life peer) Creating a two-tier system for refugees, divided on how they arrived in the UK, is unlikely to make any - Speech Link
3: Lord Dubs (LAB - Life peer) We cannot therefore make it a criminal offence to arrive in the UK seeking asylum without having valid - Speech Link
4: Lord Rooker (LAB - Life peer) The fact that the UK still has no national identity system and it is easy to work illegally means the - Speech Link
5: Baroness Lister of Burtersett (LAB - Life peer) UNHCR, rely on a“fundamental misapplication of … the Refugee Convention”,in particular a non-existent - Speech Link
6: Baroness Warsi (CON - Life peer) It is a fundamental right recognised in case law, including by the High Court in the case of D4, the - Speech Link
7: Lord Archbishop of York (Bishops - Bishops) I dispute the binary nature of the claim but I agree that citizenship and other statuses require a need - Speech Link
8: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) non-UK service personnel. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Freedom of Speech - Fri 10 Dec 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Baroness Jenkin of Kennington (CON - Life peer) She has little time for what she calls “gender identity ideology”. - Speech Link
2: Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood (CB - Life Peer (judicial)) My Lords, as a Jew, albeit a non-believer, I am not insensible to the sensitivities of mankind, by which - Speech Link
3: Lord Kirkham (CON - Life peer) I doubt that there is a more challenged profession in the UK in 2021 than that of the comedian, whether - Speech Link
4: Baroness Kidron (CB - Life peer) This framing is a false binary. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb (GRN - Life peer) human rights here in the UK. - Speech Link
6: Baroness Merron (LAB - Life peer) It is widely recognised as an essential foundation of a liberal, democratic society, and as we have the - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
Lords Hansard - Part 2 - Mon 15 Nov 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (LAB - Life peer) Part of the issue around gender, sex and identity in government as a whole is that policy has been developed - Speech Link
2: Lord Paddick (LDEM - Life peer) their legal gender, it can allocate them to a part of the estate that does not match their legally recognised - Speech Link
3: Baroness Newlove (CON - Life peer) A UN Women UK survey in January 2021 showed that 80% of women of all ages said that they had experienced - Speech Link
4: Baroness Noakes (CON - Life peer) , and it is not binary. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe (LAB - Life peer) I am not a lawyer, but it seems bizarre that sex and gender have explicitly not been recognised in existing - Speech Link
6: None themselves non-binary. - Speech Link
7: Lord Paddick (LDEM - Life peer) in the Commons, to make misogyny a hate crime in every sense of the term. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Pride Month - Thu 01 Jul 2021
No Department present

1: Angela Eagle (LAB - Wallasey) ”.If a person is trans or non-binary, they might be mortified that here in the UK their very existence - Speech Link
2: Elliot Colburn (CON - Carshalton and Wallington) , gender identity or expression. - Speech Link
3: Mhairi Black (SNP - Paisley and Renfrewshire South) In 2017, one of the far-right panellists said:“Trans and gender identity are a tough sell, so focus on - Speech Link
4: James Murray (LAB - Ealing North) the basis of sex and gender identity illegal. - Speech Link
5: Liz Saville Roberts (PC - Dwyfor Meirionnydd) It is yet another example of the jagged edge of devolution that although trans and non-binary people - Speech Link
6: Kim Johnson (LAB - Liverpool, Riverside) to go back to the drawing board and bring forward a properly resourced plan to support trans and non-binary - Speech Link
7: Charlotte Nichols (LAB - Warrington North) , and most Governments deny trans people the right legally to change their name and gender. - Speech Link
8: Mike Freer (CON - Finchley and Golders Green) of the GRA allow for those who wish to legally change their gender to do so. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Mon 17 May 2021
Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities

1: Baroness Jones of Whitchurch (LAB - Life peer) to make them comprehensive, measurable and legally enforceable. - Speech Link
2: Lord McNicol of West Kilbride (LAB - Life peer) He recognised then that education would help them, but only so far; real change, the ability to make - Speech Link
3: Baroness Worthington (CB - Life peer) I support the Government in all the efforts they take to make this a reality. - Speech Link
4: Lord Jordan (LAB - Life peer) Their involvement in the project would signal a clear intention to make the home a safer place.I urge - Speech Link
5: Baroness Mallalieu (LAB - Life peer) That report recognised the changes and challenges, which are now a reality, but also the opportunities - Speech Link
6: Lord Thurlow (CB - Excepted Hereditary) selling the cladding in the UK. - Speech Link
7: Baroness Hollins (CB - Life peer) that the UK is a signatory to the convention and ratified it in 2009. - Speech Link
8: Lord Cashman (Non-affiliated - Life peer) person’s sexual orientation or gender identity through religious practices is unacceptable and a form - Speech Link
9: Lord Rosser (LAB - Life peer) Yet there was nothing specific in the Queen’s Speech that recognised the hardship and problems this has - Speech Link
10: Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park (CON - Life peer) Again, the UK can make a difference on our own but not a defining one, so we are building an alliance - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy - Thu 22 Apr 2021
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon (CON - Life peer) clout and are focusing our spending on where the UK can make a difference, while delivering on wider - Speech Link
2: Lord Robertson of Port Ellen (LAB - Life peer) in the world, that ambition will, as others have said, be badly damaged by the cut in the legally mandated - Speech Link
3: Baroness Armstrong of Hill Top (LAB - Life peer) Frank was horrified at the way in which the Government changed the legally binding commitment of 0.7% - Speech Link
4: Lord Bruce of Bennachie (LDEM - Life peer) Looking at the UK from the outside presents a baffling and confusing identity. - Speech Link
5: Lord Sheikh (CON - Life peer) My Lords, I welcome the integrated review and its ambitious vision to make the UK a stronger, safer and - Speech Link
6: Lord Alton of Liverpool (CB - Life peer) What are we doing to make the UK less dependent on China, especially in strategic sectors? - Speech Link
7: Baroness Smith of Newnham (LDEM - Life peer) Is that true legally? - Speech Link
8: Baroness Goldie (CON - Life peer) Instead of a binary state of peace and war, we find ourselves caught in a netherworld of constant competitionHowever - Speech Link

Westminster Hall
LGBT Conversion Therapy - Mon 08 Mar 2021
HM Treasury

1: Elliot Colburn (CON - Carshalton and Wallington) The petition is entitled, “Make LGBT conversion therapy illegal in the UK”. - Speech Link
2: Crispin Blunt (CON - Reigate) Identity around gender dysphoria is surely a much more challenging thing to meet than a minority sexuality - Speech Link
3: Mike Hill (LAB - Hartlepool) sexuality or gender identity questioned. - Speech Link
4: Stephen Doughty (LAB - Cardiff South and Penarth) for some very dangerous practices.I stand by all those who have stood by the trans and non-binary community - Speech Link
5: Kirsten Oswald (SNP - East Renfrewshire) sexual orientation or gender identity of a person”.Given these widespread examples, and the widespread - Speech Link
6: Charlotte Nichols (LAB - Warrington North) identity is not merely a matter of virtue signalling; it would make concrete legal defences for people - Speech Link
7: Kemi Badenoch (CON - Saffron Walden) for gender identity services are currently very long. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill
Committee: 1st sitting (Hansard) - Thu 25 Feb 2021
Cabinet Office

1: Baroness Barker (LDEM - Life peer) It is what happened to migrant communities in the UK in the 1970s and, in the 1980s, it was lesbians - Speech Link
2: Baroness Noakes (CON - Life peer) in rejoicing that women will now be recognised in the Bill. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Meyer (CON - Life peer) the UK if we allow this kind of gender derangement to run riot through our language. - Speech Link
4: Baroness Fox of Buckley (Non-affiliated - Life peer) What is a threat to women is a particular brand of trans identity ideology. - Speech Link
5: None in which we can freely discuss gender identity. - Speech Link
6: Lord Balfe (CON - Life peer) here with trans or non-binary people, who are biologically female, and able to bear a child following - Speech Link
7: Baroness Brinton (LDEM - Life peer) trans men and non-binary and intersex people through the revised language.I am, and will always be, - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill
2nd reading (Hansard) - Mon 22 Feb 2021
Cabinet Office

1: Lord Craig of Radley (CB - Life peer) In a case where a person has to be of a particular gender—male or female—gender-neutral drafting does - Speech Link
2: Baroness Noakes (CON - Life peer) In a case where a person has to be of a particular gender—male or female—gender-neutral drafting does - Speech Link
3: Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town (LAB - Life peer) the situation in the UK with that in the EU, showing how two pregnant MEPs—Carole Tongue from the UK - Speech Link
4: Baroness Fox of Buckley (Non-affiliated - Life peer) Dr Debbie Hayton, a transgender woman, teacher and trade union officer, rightly points out that“the gender-identity - Speech Link
5: Baroness Brinton (LDEM - Life peer) We also have to remember that non-binary and intersex people who were born women would be excluded. - Speech Link
6: Lord Young of Norwood Green (LAB - Life peer) As the noble Lord, Lord Hunt, reminded the House, we are privileged to have this debate in a non-toxic - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Domestic Abuse Bill
Committee: 6th sitting (Hansard) - Wed 10 Feb 2021
Home Office

1: Baroness Greengross (CB - Life peer) Dementia is a condition that 850,000 people in the UK live with. - Speech Link
2: None men, non-binary people or indeed anyone else from being included under the legal definition. - Speech Link
3: Baroness Lister of Burtersett (LAB - Life peer) clear that this did not mean excluding men, boys and non-binary people from domestic abuse protection - Speech Link
4: None Rowling or the SNP’s Joanna Cherry, arguing for the wrong views on gender, identity or— pertinently to - Speech Link
5: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle (GRN - Life peer) the Bill, but we are a society in which gender is a major characteristic. - Speech Link
6: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) but of course are not limited to the threat of disclosure of sexual orientation or gender identity to - Speech Link
7: Baroness Williams of Trafford (CON - Life peer) By making reference to gender in the guidance but also having a gender-neutral definition, we recognise - Speech Link
8: Baroness Gale (LAB - Life peer) They were criticising the Bill for being a non-gendered one, or gender neutral, when most people have - Speech Link
9: None a non-compliant site from any country, accessed in the UK, to inform it that it must either introduce - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Domestic Abuse Bill
Committee: 5th sitting (Hansard) - Mon 08 Feb 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: Baroness Jolly (LDEM - Life peer) The amendment is gender neutral and goes a long way to right the wrongs in the case that brought me to - Speech Link
2: Lord Wolfson of Tredegar (CON - Life peer) offending behaviour is perpetrated outside the UK by a UK national, rather than by a non-UK national - Speech Link
3: Lord Young of Cookham (CON - Life peer) Because I believe that not going outright to make gender-based crime a hate crime, but suggesting this - Speech Link
4: Lord Russell of Liverpool (CB - Excepted Hereditary) heffalump traps that exist legally and in the way in which the police might try to apply this. - Speech Link
5: Lord Bishop of Gloucester (Bishops - Bishops) , as it would give her a route to resettlement in the UK. - Speech Link
6: Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale (LAB - Life peer) equality regardless of immigration status on the one hand and a UK-wide measure, which would make this - Speech Link
7: Lord Judge (CB - Life peer) , of the way in which all the horrors and indignities can now be heaped on victims in a non-domestic - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Trade Bill
Report stage - Mon 07 Dec 2020
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: None I am supporting this measure because it could make a real practical difference to skilled UK businesses - Speech Link
2: Viscount Younger of Leckie (CON - Excepted Hereditary) the agreements operable in a UK context. - Speech Link
3: None the answer as to whether Parliament consents is a binary yes or no, the answer should be different for - Speech Link
4: None The issues are: the non-regression of standards—dealt with in Amendment 22 and addressed in Amendment - Speech Link
5: Baroness Henig (LAB - Life peer) for fully understanding the relevant issues in a non-partisan way. - Speech Link
6: Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick (LAB - Life peer) It has been recognised that the Government have taken a step in the right direction by putting the Trade - Speech Link
7: Lord Grimstone of Boscobel (CON - Life peer) The steps required as part of this process will be reflected in the TAC’s terms of reference.As a non-incorporated - Speech Link
8: None destruction of their cemeteries, the desecration of their mosques and the obliteration of their identity - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Covid-19: International Response - Mon 18 May 2020
Department for International Development

1: Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale (LAB - Life peer) to make sure that there is a proper economic recovery globally and that there is a resilience in our - Speech Link
2: Viscount Bridgeman (CON - Excepted Hereditary) of this global identity of mission to appoint a royal commission to compare in unprecedented depth the - Speech Link
3: Baroness Falkner of Margravine (CB - Life peer) The innovation in them was that, for the first time, non-governmental sources of information were to - Speech Link
4: Lord Hannay of Chiswick (CB - Life peer) other than make a bad situation worse. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick (LAB - Life peer) In fact, a UN rapporteur said:“The danger is that states, particularly non-democratic or less open societies - Speech Link
6: Lord Lea of Crondall (Non-affiliated - Life peer) a step forward rather than a step back.Finally, it is not a correct binary to think of economic growth - Speech Link
7: Baroness Sheehan (LDEM - Life peer) Will the UK Government move beyond rhetoric on equitable access and look to impose legally binding public-interest - Speech Link
8: Lord Collins of Highbury (LAB - Life peer) and examine legally binding public-interest conditions on all UK funding? - Speech Link
9: Baroness Sugg (CON - Life peer) of this crisis, including the surge in gender-based violence. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Global Britain - Thu 30 Jan 2020
Department for International Trade

1: Elizabeth Truss (CON - South West Norfolk) Trade in 1948, the UK has long been a global leader in shaping the rules-based system, but from 1973 - Speech Link
2: Tobias Ellwood (CON - Bournemouth East) the 5G and 6G capability that will allow us to have our own identity.”If we do not, I predict that there - Speech Link
3: Fleur Anderson (LAB - Putney) why I mentioned gender impact assessments. - Speech Link
4: Anthony Mangnall (CON - Totnes) We must ensure that our meat markets are recognised as the finest in the world, just as French wine might - Speech Link
5: Bob Stewart (CON - Beckenham) Every recognised state in the world—all 193 of them—is a member, and each has a seat in the General Assembly - Speech Link
6: Bob Seely (CON - Isle of Wight) That goes to the heart of the question of being a non-trusted vendor and a high-risk vendor. - Speech Link
7: Bob Seely (CON - Isle of Wight) been told that a non-spy agreement with China is feasible. - Speech Link
8: Conor Burns (CON - Bournemouth West) ago, the British people took part in the largest binary democratic exercise in our nation’s history. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Queen’s Speech - Tue 22 Oct 2019
Department of Health and Social Care

1: Baroness Barran (CON - Life peer) to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online.The proposals as set out in the White Paper - Speech Link
2: Baroness Doocey (LDEM - Life peer) the UK economy, attracts £24 billion of spending in the UK from abroad, contributes a further £7 billion - Speech Link
3: Baroness Meacher (CB - Life peer) On 1 November 2018 medical cannabis was rescheduled and recognised as a medicine for the first time in - Speech Link
4: Lord McKenzie of Luton (LAB - Life peer) Our consideration of pensions policy has hitherto been typically a binary matter characterised by DB - Speech Link
5: Earl of Devon (CB - Excepted Hereditary) In the digital space, the Government are focused upon online harms and a desire to make the UKthe safest - Speech Link
6: Lord Parekh (LAB - Life peer) In other words, it has created a new generalised identity under which people can be subsumed. - Speech Link
7: Baroness Blackwood of North Oxford (CON - Life peer) It set out the Government’s plan for world-leading legislation to make the UK the safest place in the - Speech Link