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Petition Closed

Leave the EU now

Gov Responded - 27 Nov 2018 Debated on - 14 Jan 2019 View Ben Bradley's petition debate contributions
14 Dec 2018
closed 1 year ago

The Government is not going to achieve a satisfactory outcome from its negotiations with the EU.
We should walk away now.
No Deal is better than a bad deal.

Petition Closed


Gov Responded - 22 Nov 2018 Debated on - 14 Jan 2019 View Ben Bradley's petition debate contributions
10 Feb 2019
closed 10 months, 1 week ago

It's so desperately simple. The Government's standard response to these kinds of petitions is "The British people voted to leave the EU and the government respect that decision". BUT, the government themselves DO NOT KNOW the outcome of that decision, so how can they possibly respect it???

Petition Closed

Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019.

Gov Responded - 14 Dec 2018 Debated on - 14 Jan 2019 View Ben Bradley's petition debate contributions
17 Apr 2019
closed 8 months ago

We are wasting Billions of pounds of taxpayers money trying to negotiate in a short space of time. Leaving the EU in March 2019 will allow the UK good time to negotiate more efficiently. The EU will be more eager to accept a deal on our terms having lost a major partner.

Petition Closed

To have a second referendum on Britain leaving the EU

Debated on - 14 Jan 2019 View Ben Bradley's petition debate contributions
6 May 2019
closed 7 months, 1 week ago

It's no secret that a vast amount of people who voted to leave the EU didn't realise what they were voting for.

The Leave campaign said that leaving would create new trade deals, strengthen the economy and public services and reduce the number of incoming immigrants. But this is not happening.

Petition Closed

Grant a People's Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement

Gov Responded - 5 Feb 2019 Debated on - 14 Jan 2019 View Ben Bradley's petition debate contributions
26 May 2019
closed 6 months, 3 weeks ago

The Prime Minister has negotiated an EU withdrawal agreement. However, it is clear from resignations and interviews that the deal will not pass Parliament. As no credible alternative has been proposed, the public must be allowed to vote on whether to accept this deal or to remain in the EU.

Petition Closed

Walk away now!
We voted for a No Deal Brexit

Gov Responded - 29 Jan 2019 Debated on - 14 Jan 2019 View Ben Bradley's petition debate contributions
20 Jun 2019
closed 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Theresa May has failed to negotiate a Brexit deal that is acceptable to Parliament and the British people.
The Withdrawal Agreement does not deliver the Brexit we voted for.
It is clear that the EU is not going to offer anything else, particularly regarding the backstop

Petition Closed

Stop Brexit if parliament rejects the deal

Gov Responded - 4 Feb 2019 Debated on - 14 Jan 2019 View Ben Bradley's petition debate contributions
2 Jul 2019
closed 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Brexit is not worth it. A hard border in Ireland will destroy the Good Friday Agreement, meds are being stockpiled and there's news that a contract has been given to a company with no ferries, and the army is on standby in the event of no-deal too. Stop Brexit if MPs vote to reject the PM's deal.

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Date Forum Title
8 May 2019 Commons Chamber Full-time Social Action
23 Jul 2018 Commons Chamber Mamba: Societal Effect

1 Bill introduced by Ben Bradley

Title Bill Type Last Event Next Event Date Last Updated
Protection of Pollinators Bill 2017-19
Presented by Ben Bradley (Conservative)
Private Members' Bill (under the Ten Minute Rule) 1st reading: House of Commons 8 May, 2018 2 Oct 2018, 11:44 a.m.

A Bill to make provision about the protection of pollinators; and for connected purposes.

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