Julian Sturdy

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Member for York Outer

Select Committees
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (since March 2020)
Consolidation Bills (Joint Committee) (since March 2020)
3 APPG memberships (as of 24 Feb 2020)
China, Family Business, Science and Technology in Agriculture

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Date Tabled Title Signatures
5 Dec 2017
Julian Sturdy signed this EDM on 12 Dec 2017
Tabled by: Angela Smith (Liberal Democrat - Penistone and Stocksbridge)
That this House congratulates Sir David Attenborough and the BBC on the spectacular Blue Planet 2 series; notes that, with the fifth largest marine estate in the world, the UK and its Overseas Territories are custodian to the largest coral atoll on earth, globally significant populations of albatross, whales and …
103 signatures
(Most recent: 23 Apr 2018)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 60
Scottish National Party: 16
Liberal Democrat: 12
Conservative: 6
Independent: 3
Democratic Unionist Party: 2
Plaid Cymru: 2
The Independent Group for Change: 1
Green Party: 1
6 Jul 2015
Julian Sturdy signed this EDM on 16 Jul 2015
Tabled by: Catherine West (Labour - Hornsey and Wood Green)
That this House notes that, until recently, Botton Village, a Camphill Community of 60 years' standing, offered a shared way of life for learning-disabled adults alongside volunteer co-workers, living as equals, sharing home, work, culture and recreation; further notes that Camphill Village Trust (CVT) is now insisting that co-workers become …
49 signatures
(Most recent: 4 May 2016)
Signatures by party:
Scottish National Party: 11
Labour: 6
Conservative: 6
Democratic Unionist Party: 6
Independent: 3
Liberal Democrat: 3
Plaid Cymru: 2
Green Party: 1
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