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Democratic Unionist Party

Former Member for Belfast North /
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Most recent EDMs signed by Nigel Dodds

Date Tabled Title Signatures
15 Oct 2019
Nigel Dodds signed this EDM on Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Prison officer pension age

Tabled by: Grahame Morris (Labour - Easington)
That this House recognises the dangerous working conditions in the Prison Service; expresses concern at the increasing number of violent assaults on prison staff; believes that prison officers approaching the age of 70 should not be expected to deal with violent and dangerous criminals aged in their twenties, thirties and …
75 signatures
(Most recent: 5 Nov 2019)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 37
Scottish National Party: 20
Democratic Unionist Party: 8
Independent: 5
Conservative: 2
Plaid Cymru: 2
Liberal Democrat: 1
22 Oct 2019
Nigel Dodds signed this EDM as a sponsor on Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Cancer Research UK work with universities

Tabled by: Jim Shannon (Democratic Unionist Party - Strangford)
That this House welcomes the announcement that Cancer Research UK will work with UK universities and in the US to investigate how cancer is formed to facilitate the earliest possible treatment.
23 signatures
(Most recent: 16 Dec 2019)
Signatures by party:
Labour: 8
Democratic Unionist Party: 7
Conservative: 3
Scottish National Party: 3
Independent: 1
Liberal Democrat: 1
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