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First Registered: 13/11/2015 • Last updated on: 29/12/2021

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To promote interest in photography.

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Recent Documents related to Photography

1. DAO Level 2 Certificate in Non Specialist Unit Photographer: qualification handbook
18/11/2021 - Ministry of Defence
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Found: the common light sources that are used for photography 3.3 Explain the principles of image formation

2. Wild birds: apply for a licence to disturb them for photography (A28)
29/03/2021 - Natural England
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Found: birds: apply for a licence to disturb them for photography (A28) Apply for a licence to disturb protected

04/09/2018 - Early Day Motions

Found: initiating its Hundred Heroines: Celebrating Women in Photography Today campaign, which is an international campaign

4. DAO Level 2 Award in Surveillance Photography: qualification handbook
18/11/2021 - Ministry of Defence
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Found: Handbook DAO Level 2 Award in Surveillance Photography QN: 603/3192/6 The Qualification

5. MP_Expenses object (586791)
06/02/2019 - MP Expenses

Found: Photography
J Farber photography

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Recent Speeches related to Photography

1. Digital Images and Consent
25/04/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: operate, we can see that although the use of photography in the press is self-regulatory, the editors’ - Speech Link
2: in the public interest. However, the use of photography will still be subject to regulatory standards - Speech Link
3: voyeurism, which criminalises non-consensual photography and the filming of certain private acts when - Speech Link

2. Photographic Reconnaissance Unit: National Memorial
09/11/2021 - Westminster Hall

1: the men who did so taught at the RAF School of Photography nearby.The Photographic Reconnaissance Unit was - Speech Link
2: place. It was the first foray into clandestine photography. The unit was ordered to capture images of enemy - Speech Link
3: Having previously lagged behind Germany on aerial photography, Britain developed a world-beating capability - Speech Link

3. Sexual Offences Legislation
22/05/2018 - Lords Chamber

4. Museums and Galleries
12/09/2018 - Grand Committee

1: Significant financial investment is required in photography, digitisation processes and technology, and in - Speech Link

5. Live Events and Weddings: Covid-19 Support
09/11/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: associated industries such as hair, beauty and photography. An important question that I have received from - Speech Link
2: Byre, but a huge range of local suppliers, from photography and music to catering. It means 100 guests staying - Speech Link
3: venues, has had no turnover since March. The photography company that the group uses, which would normally - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Photography
1. Photography: Coronavirus
asked by: Robert Halfon
... whether private photographers who operate with social distancing measures can continue working during the 2021 covid-19 lockdown.

2. Photography: Coronavirus
asked by: Daisy Cooper
... (ii) a single household and (iii) people in a bubble and (c) with businesses (A) inside and (B) outside that are allowed to remain open in a covid-secure way.

3. Photography: Coronavirus
asked by: Kerry McCarthy
... whether one-to-one professional photography is allowed (a) indoors and (b) outdoors during the November 2020 covid-19 lockdown in England.

4. Photography: Coronavirus
asked by: Bill Esterson
... what plans he has to support self-employed wedding photographers who work from home and have not been eligible for covid-19 financial support since March 2020.

5. Photography: Coronavirus
asked by: Karen Bradley
... with only the pet owner and the photographer present and ensuring social distancing is observed.

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5 Current APPG Officers
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen Portrait
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen
Labour - Life peer
Joined: 13th November 2015
2 APPG Memberships
Golf , Transport Safety
Douglas Ross Portrait
Douglas Ross
Vice Chair
Conservative - Moray
Joined: 17th November 2021
2 APPG Memberships
Bingo , Boys' Brigade
Lord Crathorne Portrait
Lord Crathorne
Conservative - Excepted Hereditary
Joined: 13th November 2015
2 APPG Memberships
Arts and Heritage , Rural Services
Peter Bottomley Portrait
Peter Bottomley
Conservative - Worthing West
Joined: 13th November 2015
70 APPG Memberships
Adult Education , Afrikan Reparations , Ageing and Older People , Arts and Heritage , Austria , BBC , Black Maternal Health , Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Business Owners , British Overseas Territories , Carbon Monoxide , Citizens Rights , Commonwealth , Cycling and Walking , Dalits , Dark Skies , Democracy and Human Rights in the Gulf , Dentistry and Oral Health , Disability , Domestic Violence and Abuse , Equitable Life Policyholders , Fatherhood , Flags and Heraldry , Gasworks Redevelopment , Global Security and Non-Proliferation , Gypsies, Travellers and Roma , Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood , Haiti , Hospice and End of Life Care , Immigration Detention , Insurance and Financial Services , Internet, Communications and Technology , Ireland and the Irish in Britain , Kosovo , Leasehold and Commonhold Reform , Limits to Growth , Longevity , Media , Music , No Recourse to Public Funds , Olympic and Paralympic Games , Opera , Park Homes , Period Equality , Race and Community , Religious Education , Republic of Korea , Retail Crime , Road Freight and Logistics , Rowing , Scientific , Scotch Whisky , Sexual and Reproductive Health in the UK , Single Parent Families , Social Enterprise , Social Integration , Social Science and Policy , Social Work , St George's Day , Tibet , Transport Safety , United Nations , United Nations Women , Vascular and Venous Disease , Votes at 16 , Western Rail Link to Heathrow , Western Sahara , Wine and Spirits , Wine of Great Britain , Women in Transport , Youth Affairs
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Registered Contact:

Tim Loughton MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 4471.


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Former APPG Officers
David Amess Portrait
David Amess
Chair & Registered Contact
Conservative - Former Member for Southend West
Joined: 13th November 2015
Departed: 6th October 2021
No other APPG Memberships
Luciana Berger Portrait
Luciana Berger
Liberal Democrat - Former Member for Liverpool, Wavertree
Joined: 13th November 2015
Departed: 5th November 2019
No other APPG Memberships