Dataset Downloads

Download comprehensive information on a wide range of topics

A number of datasets are provided that integrate and process information from a range of sources to provide a unique and comprehensive data source for analysis.

The data can be filtered or downloaded as a single result and downloaded in a range of formats.

If you wish additional fields or datasets to be made available, please contact us using the contact form on our About page.

Members of Parliament and Lords

View information on the current Members of Parliament and Members of the House of Lords.

MP Financial Interests

Select a Member of Parliament to view financial disclosures made since the 2019 General Election. Due to the non-standardised method of reporting, duplicate entries may exist in the records.

MP Expenses

Select a Member of Parliament to view itemised expense claims since the 2019 General Election.



Debates occur in a range forums across Parliament and typically involve a contribution from a Government Minister.

Note: Debates are allocated by Parallel Parliament to departments based on the minister who provided the majority of contribution during the debate.

Debate type

Parliamentary Committees

Committees make regular inquiries into the activity of Government, MPs and the Houses of Parliament.

Select Committee Inquiry

Select Committee Inquiries are the work of Parliamentary Committees to scrutinise issues or the work of the Government.

Inquiry type


Petitions can be launched by any person, and may be debated in Parliament if sufficient signatures occur.

Petition type
Petition Constituencies

Select a constituency to view the constituency level information for petitions, including number of constituency signatures and that proportion of the overall petition signatures

Single Petition Signatures

Detailed breakdowns for individual petitions can be obtained as CSV files from each petition page or through the Petition Search function.


Bills are proposed items of legislation debated before Parliament before becoming enacted into law upon completion of the Parliamentary process.

Legislation type

All Party Parliamentary Groups

All Party Parliamentary Groups are informal, cross-party groups formed by MPs and Members of the House of Lords who share a common interest in a particular policy area, region or country. APPGs have no official status within Parliament.

Secondary Legislation

Secondary Legislation is law tabled by the Government under powers of an existing Act of Parliament before being either approved or rejected by Parliament.


Department Publications

View Publications released through by Government Departments

Pub type

Early Day Motions

Early Day Motions are motions that MPs can sign for a particular topic to be debated or to raise awareness of an issue

EDM Signatures

Select a Member of Parliament to view the Early Day Motions they have signed.