Parallel Parliament delivers integrated data from Parliament, Government and Legislative sources

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Parallel Parliament was founded in 2019, with the goal of providing a user-friendly platform that compiles information from official sources of the UK political landscape in one place.

With the abundance of information scattered across different websites and the difficulty of searching them, it can be a challenge to obtain a complete view of an MP's or Department's activities or to find all relevant parliamentary and government publications on a specific topic.

Parallel Parliament eliminates this inconvenience by presenting all the available information in a single, easily searchable resource.

It is widely utilized by MPs, trade organizations, charities, and local authorities to stay informed about the actions of the UK Government and Parliament.

Parallel Parliament Subscriptions

Parallel Parliament Subscriptions allow you to stay on top of the information available through the website through immediate, daily or weekly alerts on an MP, Bills, Department or keyword straight to your inbox.

We offer a range of subscriptions to meet your individual needs.

What does Parallel Parliament provide?

Parallel Parliament automatically scans and processes information from a wide range of sources to create a comprehensive source of data unavailable from existing resources.

Alerts can be scheduled for any of the items below, to keep you informed of developments.

  • Current Legislation can organised by proximity to completion, upcoming stage,type and numerous other ways.
  • Each legislation page provides a single integrated timeline, with key documents (Explanatory Notes, Briefing notes) highlighted for ease of access.
  • All documents relating to a single piece of legislation can be searched from the legislation page.
  • All debates relating to the bill can be viewed on a single page, along with filtered extracts for any particular MP/Lord, or for all Minsterial extracts.
Government Departments
  • Parallel Parliament groups Parliamentary activity for each Department into a single, straightforward source
  • View Departmental Bills, Draft and Laid Secondary Legislation currently before Parliament.
  • Highlights of the most recent Parliamentary contributions (Questions, Statements etc.) made by the Departmental Ministers
  • Petitions before Parliament that have been addressed or debated by the Department
Members of Parliament
  • Significant Commons activity, such as adjournment debates, legislation laid before Parliament and Urgent Questions
  • View All Party Parliamentary Group memberships
  • See the most significant petitions within an MP's constituency, and the petition debates for an MP has participated
  • Debates organised by Department, Legislation and most common sparring partners
Select Committees
  • Receive calendar information on Parliamentary sessions
  • See new inquiries being undertaken by a Committee
  • Correspondence received and sent by the Committee along with oral evidence transcripts and written evidence submissions
  • Mentions of the Committee being made in debates, tweets, written answers or any other document
Integrated Search
  • Perform searches across Departmental Publications, Early Day Motions, Legislation, Commons Library Research and much more, all in one place

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