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First Registered: 21/11/2018 • Last updated on: 05/11/2019

Note: This APPG was last registered on 5th Nov 2019. The APPG was not registered in the latest release of 6th Oct 2021 and may be defunct.

To raise the condition of the Kurdish people in Rojava. To raise awareness of solidarity and engagement for building democratic, free relationships by encouraging dialogue and discussion. To support efforts of developing and consolidating democracy, peaceful co-existence and harmony in the region. To organise cultural and social events, workshops and seminars to raise awareness of solidarity, development and the needs of the region.

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1. MP_Financial_Information object (7904)
11/01/2020 - MP Financial Interests

Found: visit: Rojava, Syria
Dates of visit: 15-19 September 2019
Purpose of visit: APPG for Rojava visit

2. MP_Expenses object (79470)
15/09/2019 - MP Expenses

Found: Heathrow Airport. Flying to Syria with APPG for Rojava
Extended UK travel
From: Constituency home

3. Halt licenses for arms sales to Turkey, due to their invasion of Rojava
10/10/2019 - Petitions

Found: government has invaded the pluralist and democratic Rojava region of Syria. This assault could lead to many

4. We call on the British Government to create a No-Fly zone over Northen Syria!
13/10/2019 - Petitions

Found: casualties from the recent invasion of Northen Syria (Rojava) by Turkey.

5. MP_Financial_Information object (10171)
11/01/2020 - MP Financial Interests

Found: and the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava)
Dates of visit: 15-19 September 2019

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Recent Speeches related to Rojava

1. US Troop Withdrawal from Northern Syria
08/10/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: and to the subjugation of the Kurdish people in Rojava— the very people who led the fight against Daesh - Speech Link
2: about what is about to happen to their families in Rojava. Will the Minister of State agree to meet Kurdish - Speech Link

2. Counter-Daesh Update
03/07/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: about the designation of north-eastern Syria and Rojava as a zone under the Counter Terrorism Act 2019 - Speech Link

3. Turkish Incursion into Northern Syria
15/10/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: by Turkey, which are now freely operating inside Rojava. May I ask the Minister whether, as part of the - Speech Link

4. Daesh: Genocide of Minorities
20/04/2016 - Commons Chamber

1: over the past eight or nine months, travelled to Rojava, in Syria, to the Kurdistan Regional Government - Speech Link

5. British Children: Syria
22/10/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: colleagues with the all-party parliamentary group on Rojava five weeks ago. In al-Hawl camp, we were told that - Speech Link

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Chris Stephens Portrait
Chris Stephens
Vice Chair
Scottish National Party - Glasgow South West
Joined: 21st November 2018
Departed: 5th November 2019
Lord Glasman Portrait
Lord Glasman
Vice Chair
Labour - Life peer
Joined: 21st November 2018
Departed: 5th November 2019
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