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Commons Chamber
European Union (Withdrawal) Act - Thu 06 Dec 2018
Department for International Trade

1: This is a deal that secures the rights of more than 3 million EU citizens living in the UK and - Link
2: Also, it meets the needs of EU citizens here and of UK citizens in EU countries. - Link
3: as citizens of nowhere, insulting and worrying EU citizens working in the UK. - Link
4: it is to negotiate with them. - Link
5: like staying in the EU; it is a question of staying on for those extra 18 months while we try to negotiate - Link
6: EU rights and protections, such as TUPE, equal rights for agency workers and paid holidays. - Link
7: for investment in the area. - Link
8: He noted that, “If we come out of alignment with EU regulations in this area, then there is a penalty - Link