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Bread and Flour Regulations (Folic Acid) Bill [HL]

Debate between Baroness Flather and Baroness Walmsley
Friday 8th July 2016

(7 years, 11 months ago)

Lords Chamber
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Baroness Flather Portrait Baroness Flather
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What amazes me is that we are talking about nudging and not doing this or that, but we often have research on issues which are of great importance not only to the individual—as we have been talking about—but to the family and to the country. When a child needs lifelong care, surely it is not a good idea to not do anything about that. We seem to be going round and round, saying that we cannot be led by research, while the Government must have their policy. But what is the policy based on?

Baroness Walmsley Portrait Baroness Walmsley
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The noble Lord has just read out a list of the functions of government. Would he not add protection to that? We chlorinate all our water to protect people from water-borne diseases. Why not put folic acid in flour?