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Digital Platforms: Impact on Democracy

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Thursday 16th July 2020

(3 years, 11 months ago)

Lords Chamber
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Baroness Barran Portrait Baroness Barran
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The most reverend Primate captures the essence of both the potential benefits and the potential risks of social media platforms—a problem that arises particularly in countries where they represent almost the exclusive source of news. We will set out in great detail what we will do in relation to all those elements in our response to the consultation and then in the upcoming legislation. However, we anticipate that the international aspects will require intensive international collaboration to be effective.

Lord Trimble Portrait Lord Trimble (Con)
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My Lords, I congratulate the noble Lord, Lord Holmes, on raising this issue. For me, the issue is still open and the jury is out, and we shall see how these things develop. I suggest that noble Lords should emulate the Conservative Party in 1945, which accepted the result of the election, which brought in a reformist Government. They should realise that the recent election that we have had has the potential to change the state of our democracy and should be treated with more respect than some noble Lords have given it over recent weeks.

Baroness Barran Portrait Baroness Barran
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I am happy to agree with my noble friend that we should accept the result of the recent election.