Heidi Allen contributions to the Vagrancy (Repeal) Bill 2017-19

Wed 7th February 2018 Taylor Review (Commons Chamber)
1st reading: House of Commons
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Taylor Review

(1st reading: House of Commons)
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Wednesday 7th February 2018

(2 years, 5 months ago)

Commons Chamber
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Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Andrew Griffiths Parliament Live - Hansard
7 Feb 2018, 12:57 p.m.

I thank the hon. Gentleman for that question. What I would say is that this is addressed in our response to the Matthew Taylor review. What he is talking about is the need for a better definition of workers’ status, be that employed, self-employed or worker. We are consulting to make sure we address those points, and I am very happy for him to be a part of that consultation. I am very happy to talk to him and to talk about his Bill, but we are clear that by having a definitive definition of people’s employment status we can solve some of the problems he highlights.

Heidi Allen (South Cambridgeshire) (Con) Parliament Live - Hansard
7 Feb 2018, 12:57 p.m.

Having sat on the joint BEIS and Work and Pensions Committee, I am really pleased to hear from the Minister today that the Government will adopt its recommendations. The area of case law on the meaning of “worker” is really complicated, so I understand the need for consultation to understand it. We heard evidence of Uber and Deliveroo not treating their self-employed workers as if they were employees. It is a complex area. I urge the Minister to do this as quickly as possible, because there are other issues to consider, such as national insurance contributions and how the Child Support Agency deals with self-employed earners. This is a big, big area, so getting that clarification quickly would be welcome.

Andrew Griffiths Parliament Live - Hansard
7 Feb 2018, 12:58 p.m.

My hon. Friend makes that point very clearly, and I thank her for the contribution that she and her fellow members of the Committee made to our decisions. She is absolutely right that we need to get on with it, and that there is huge complexity in relation to people’s status. If the only possible response, as it is at the moment, is to engage lawyers, go to the courts and undertake expensive litigation, that will not help the people she highlights at Uber, Deliveroo and so on. We are very clear about our intention, and we are getting on with the job to make it a reality.