Preparations for Leaving the EU Debate

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Preparations for Leaving the EU

David Hanson Excerpts
Tuesday 8th October 2019

(10 months ago)

Commons Chamber
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Cabinet Office
Michael Gove Portrait Michael Gove - Parliament Live - Hansard
8 Oct 2019, 3:13 p.m.

The Scottish Government have this afternoon published their own no-deal preparations. I have scanned them in detail and I cannot see that money has gone to the local authorities most in need. A miserly £50,000 has gone to each local authority in Scotland. That is not enough to ensure that local authorities such as Aberdeenshire have the capacity to issue the export health certificates that the fishing industry needs. I am deeply worried that the Scottish Government, despite containing many good Ministers, are not passing on the money that we are giving to them for Scotland’s citizens.

David Hanson (Delyn) (Lab) Hansard
8 Oct 2019, 3:13 p.m.

Page 153 is about preventing terrorism, child abuse and criminal gangs. The document says that there will be a mutual loss of capability between the EU and the UK in the event of no deal. The right hon. Gentleman is not going to let that happen, is he?

Michael Gove Portrait Michael Gove - Hansard

That is why we have written to Frans Timmermans to ask him to extend access to the databases that we are currently allowed to access. So far, he has said no.