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Mon 11th December 2017 Finance (No. 2) Bill (Commons Chamber)
2nd reading: House of Commons
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Finance (No. 2) Bill

(2nd reading: House of Commons)
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Monday 11th December 2017

(2 years, 9 months ago)

Commons Chamber
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HM Treasury
Robert Courts Portrait Robert Courts - Hansard
11 Dec 2017, 9:56 p.m.

The hon. Gentleman makes a very, very good point. As chairman of the all-party group for small and micro business, that is something that is very close to my heart and the hearts of those for whom I endeavour to speak in Parliament. That matter has been a concern. I know that the hon. Gentleman has campaigned on it, as have I and many others. The simplification of the VAT regime and the ability to pay online will streamline the tax process for small businesses. I am grateful to the Government for the action that they have taken in ensuring that that burden is not too onerous.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Portrait Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (The Cotswolds) (Con) - Hansard
11 Dec 2017, 9:56 p.m.

I thank my hon. Friend and neighbour for giving way. Is he aware that since 2010 we have raised £160 billion from tackling tax evasion, yet the shadow Chancellor says that he will raise even more from tackling tax evasion. Does that not show that he is living in fantasy land?

Robert Courts Portrait Robert Courts - Hansard
11 Dec 2017, 9:57 p.m.

My hon. Friend is absolutely right. This is a Government who are cracking down on and taking serious, practical and effective measures against tax evasion. What we hear from the Opposition are measures that will drive businesses and investment abroad. They will not invest in the businesses that we need to help grow the economy and grow jobs. What we see from the Government is effective management of the economy, and what we see from the Opposition is, as my hon. Friend quite rightly said, fantasy. The irony is that their measures will destroy jobs, destroy the economy, destroy productivity and destroy the tax revenues on which our public services depend. The policies from the Opposition will mean less, not more, for the public services.