Move the target deadlines of the 2008 Climate Change Act from 2050 to 2035

The recent IPCC report on climate change, suggests that the process of climate change is accelerating, will have more dramatic effects and is more limited by time . This is grounds to amend the target or baseline year from 2050 to 2035 as outlined in the Climate Change Act; Section 2; Subsection 2.

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The information is summarised in the IPCC report

Popular press have reported it

We need to consider how to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels for our long term future and that of the planet. The Quaker testimony of stewardship compels me to have to take action at both a local and national level.

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245 4.63% Rachael Maskell Labour (Co-op)
York Central
177 3.34% Julian Sturdy Conservative
York Outer
172 3.25% Greg Smith Conservative
100 1.89% Kevin Hollinrake Conservative
Thirsk and Malton
77 1.45% Andrea Leadsom Conservative
South Northamptonshire
74 1.40% Iain Stewart Conservative
Milton Keynes South
45 0.85% Jack Lopresti Conservative
Filton and Bradley Stoke
42 0.79% Victoria Prentis Conservative
39 0.74% Luke Hall Conservative
Thornbury and Yate
38 0.72% Thangam Debbonaire Labour
Bristol West
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