Reverse decision on 21/10/2020 to not fund free school meals during holidays.

Reverse decision on 21/10/202 to not put in place recommendations from the National Food Strategy to expand access to Free School Meals, provide meals & activities during holidays to stop holiday hunger & increase the value and expand healthy start scheme.

This petition was rejected on 30th Oct 2020 as it duplicates an existing petition

The Petition Committee commented:
You may wish to sign some of these petitions: Fund free school meals over school holidays until April 2021: Provide the free school meal entitlement throughout the year: End child food poverty – no child should be going hungry:

Reticulating Splines

Because no child should go hungry in a country where we have subsidised people - regardless of their socio-economic status - to eat meals in cafes, pubs and restaurants all summer when children face a winter of hunger. It’s hypocritical and immoral. We need to advocate for our future, our children. They are minors. We should safeguard their rights.