Publish deaths within 28 days of a COVID-19 vaccine, split by vaccine type.

Publish deaths within 28 days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, split by vaccine type. This would need to be a cumulative figure presented in the same way as COVID deaths to ensure we are comparing ‘apples with apples’. COVID deaths should also be split by vaccinated and unvaccinated.

This petition was rejected on 25th Mar 2021 as the proposed action is already occurring

The Petition Committee commented:
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is already publishing data on the safety of Covid-19 vaccines, including reported side effects:

Reticulating Splines

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In order to eradicate any ‘vaccine hesitancy’ and maximize trust, its critical that this government is transparent with both positive and adverse outcomes. People are then free to make an educated, risk based decision.
This data should be published alongside all other information regarding COVID-19 (cases, hospitalisation etc.).