Introduce new air quality and PPE rules for health and social care settings

We want the Government to set new rules on air quality and infection control in health and social care settings, to prevent and control airborne infections, with new ventilation and filtration requirements, new PPE standards and staffing rules, and monitoring and inspection to ensure compliance.

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Wednesday 17th January 2024
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Covid and other infectious diseases are spread by airborne aerosols. There are key ways to prevent them, by improving air quality and using well-fitting respiratory masks. Some research has found that reinfection can increase the risk of long-term serious organ damage and care workers having amongst the highest prevalence of long Covid. There are many tools to protect people in health and social care, including improving ventilation/air filtration, reintroducing PPE masks and Covid testing, and supporting ill staff to stay home.

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Reticulating Splines