Ban attempting to religiously convert or “revert” a child without parent consent

Make it a specific legal offence to attempt to religiously convert (or revert) a child where a parent has not given specific permission.

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Monday 4th March 2024
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As well as steep cash penalties, custodial sentences for prolific offenders should be on the table to protect impressionable young people that are under 18yrs.

We’ve a legal right to free speech in the UK, including street preaching. This is rightly a freedom we enjoy in the western world.

We believe that where this crosses a line is when an individual attempts to specifically push their religion on an individual one-on-one basis to a child without the consent of their parent. We think that an individual that has set up a table to hand out free copies of a holy book has no right to try and convert (or revert) a child to their religion.

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