Introduce specific ban on Nazi hate symbols, materials, slogans and gestures

Amend hate crime laws to specifically ban Nazi symbols, their modified depictions, propaganda materials, gestures, slogans and flags, with exceptions for valid educational, historical, or artistic representation. This could align with recent Australian legislation.

This petition closed on 30 May 2024 with 2,139 signatures

Reticulating Splines

While current laws address hate speech, they lack explicit focus on Nazi symbols, leading to inconsistent application. A specific prohibition, as in Australia and other countries, could enhance legal clarity, enforceability, and serve as a strong deterrent against spreading extremist ideologies. It could also signal the UK's unwavering stance against antisemitism and racism, reinforcing our societal commitment to respect and protect all communities from the promotion of hate and intolerance.

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Reticulating Splines