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16 May 2018, 3:50 p.m. Segregation of Prisoners Seema Malhotra


To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, how many requests to authorise a removal from association as specified in Paragraph 2(B) of Rule 49 of the Prisons and Young Offender Institution Offender Rules he received from Prison Governors in 2017; and how many of those requests for removal from association were granted.

Answer (Dr Phillip Lee)

Prison and Young Offender Institution (YOI) Rule 49 (Removal From Association - RFA) permits a Governor to segregate a young person from others (either generally or for particular purposes). Segregation under this rule must be desirable either for the maintenance of good order or discipline, or for the young person’s own interests.

Although Rule 49 (2b) provides that the governor must obtain leave from the Secretary of State in writing to authorise continuing segregation beyond 42 days, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service’s policy on segregation mandates that young people cannot be segregated beyond 21 days without this leave being obtained.

The safety and welfare of all young people held in custody is one of our highest priorities. When young people in custody are putting themselves or others at risk, segregation can be used as a last resort for limited periods of time when no other form of intervention is suitable. This is closely monitored by specialist staff and accompanied by a strategy of intervention.

The table below provides the number of applications received for authorisation of continued RFA after 21 days and 42 days as well as the number of applications that were approved during 2017.

RFA beyond 21 days

RFA beyond 42 days

No of applications received



No of applications approved



NB : All applications received were approved

The numbers above represent occurrences and not individual young people

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