Parliamentary Estate: Roads

(asked on 30th January 2023) - View Source


To ask the Senior Deputy Speaker how many road traffic accidents occurred on the Parliamentary Estate in each of the last five calendar years resulting in an injury to a person; and for each accident (1) what was the severity of the incident, and (2) on what date it occurred.

This question was answered on 13th February 2023

In the last five years there have been three accident reports which are detailed below. The three incidents resulted in injury. ‘Near misses’ and incidents without injury have not been included.

The total number of reported injuries should be considered in the context of lower vehicle and pedestrian numbers as a result of COVID-19 restrictions in the five-year period.

Incident Date

Injury Type

Detailed Description

07 February 2022

Other Injury

Injured person was exiting through the exit blocker at Carriage Gates and hit by lowering security barrier

07 March 2022


Car accidently reversed over person’s foot

06 September 2022

Minor bruising

As the vehicle proceeded to drive off vehicle reversed over person’s foot, causing pain and minor bruising

Reticulating Splines