Palace Of Westminster: Repairs And Maintenance

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To ask the Senior Deputy Speaker, further to his Written Answers on 30 January (HL4799) and 13 February (HL5334), what review of the roles of traffic marshals on the parliamentary estate has been undertaken, and when.

This question was answered on 19th September 2023

The role of traffic marshals has been reviewed regularly since their implementation. Over the summer, a thorough review of the current traffic management system, including traffic marshals, was carried out. The review recommended the one-way traffic system remain in place, but also recognised that users of the Estate have become used to the traffic system and that it is now part of “business as usual.” This means that while the risk assessment still recommends traffic mitigations, including traffic marshals, the number of marshals can be reduced. The number will be revised to five operating traffic marshals, plus one supervisor and two relief marshals, down from a previous 11 marshals.

Aside from the review mentioned above, the traffic management system is reviewed whenever there is a change or incident related to logistics and traffic on the Estate.

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