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To provide a platform and focus for the various representative organisations involved in the outdoor learning sector; to encourage their access to parliamentarians; and to enable collaboration and discussion.

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Recent Documents related to Outdoor Learning

1. Guidance: Output Specification: generic design brief and technical annexes
11/06/2019 - Department for Education
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Found: 8 Table 1 : Requirements for Soft Outdoor PE Space Type Description and range of activities

2. Pesticide usage survey: outdoor vegetable crops in the United Kingdom, 2017
28/02/2019 - Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
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Found: Pesticide usage survey: outdoor vegetable crops in the United Kingdom, 2017 - GOV

3. HS2 Phase One: granting deemed planning permission for Water Orton Primary School's relocation
04/09/2018 - Department for Transport
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Found: Weldmesh fencing - 1200mm high SITE - Grass - Soft Outdoor PE Proposed landscape mounding. Proposed landscape

4. HS2 Phase One: granting deemed planning permission for Water Orton Primary School's relocation
04/09/2018 - High Speed Two (HS2) Limited (HS2 Ltd)
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Found: Weldmesh fencing - 1200mm high SITE - Grass - Soft Outdoor PE Proposed landscape mounding. Proposed landscape

5. Regulations: noise emissions from outdoor equipment
23/09/2019 - Office for Product Safety and Standards
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Found: Regulations: noise emissions from outdoor equipment - GOV.UK

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Recent Speeches related to Outdoor Learning

1. Schools: Outdoor Classroom Day
15/03/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: Majesty’s Government how they plan to support Outdoor Classroom Day, to be held on 17 May; and whether - Speech Link
2: such learning, and events such as this serve a useful purpose in raising awareness for outdoor learning - Speech Link
3: spent in outdoor learning? Does he agree with Sir David Attenborough, the patron of Learning through Landscapes - Speech Link
4: into society when they are not suited to desk learning? They can learn through such things as looking - Speech Link
5: given the Minister’s own formative experience of outdoor education, how can we encourage the development - Speech Link

2. Covid-19: Road Map
22/02/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: The sequence will be driven by the evidence, so outdoor activity will be prioritised as the best way to - Speech Link
2: disruption to the running of schools and children’s learning. We do not want that again. That is why Labour - Speech Link
3: by this pandemic first, not least people with learning disabilities. They have died at rates that are - Speech Link
4: throughout this pandemic. That is why those with learning difficulties, those with particular vulnerabilities - Speech Link

3. Covid-19: Pre-school Sector
08/06/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: transmission and the health and well-being benefits of outdoor education—everything from understanding of risk - Speech Link
2: schools specifically refers to the fact that using outdoor space, where possible and depending on the weather - Speech Link
3: result from deprivation of care, stimulation and learning? Evidence shows that the literacy skills gap starts - Speech Link

4. Learning outside the Classroom
26/04/2017 - Westminster Hall

1: considered learning outside the classroom.We are considering the subject of out-of-school learning, or - Speech Link
2: have been involved in the issue of out-of-school learning for a very long time. I had a very good run as - Speech Link
3: be wrong not to mention the Institute for Outdoor Learning, whose chief executive Andy Robinson was very - Speech Link
4: debate. I absolutely share his passion for outside learning. My most vivid memories from primary school are - Speech Link
5: children into the countryside to have wonderful learning experiences of various types, beautifully mediated - Speech Link

5. Children: Welfare, Life Chances and Social Mobility
01/11/2018 - Lords Chamber

1: disenchanted, disengaged and fed up. They are not learning anything that will help them get a job. What do - Speech Link
2: developing in all sorts of ways; not only are they learning key verbal and vocabulary skills, but also developing - Speech Link
3: subject, but the framework is designed so that the learning areas can be taught predominantly through games - Speech Link
4: the House and to the Government the benefits of outdoor education and encouragement of children to connect - Speech Link

6. Covid-19: Road Map
23/02/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: The sequence will be driven by the evidence, so outdoor activity will be prioritised as the best way to - Speech Link
2: also return, but all others will need to continue learning online, and we will review the options for when - Speech Link
3: meet one person from outside their household for outdoor recreation, such as a coffee on a bench or a picnic - Speech Link
4: return outdoors, including in private gardens, and outdoor meetings of two households will also be permitted - Speech Link
5: also the Prime Minister’s different approach in learning, we hope, from past mistakes in planning this - Speech Link

7. Care Quality Commission Report
15/12/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: seclusion and segregation in the care of people with learning disabilities and autism. NHS data seems to show - Speech Link
2: instances of segregation of those with autism and learning difficulties, but I would be glad to correspond - Speech Link
3: and support of autistic people and those with learning difficulties, have just not happened. Once again - Speech Link
4: undergone restrictive practices who have autism or learning difficulties do not appear to have risen during - Speech Link
5: social care provided to those with autism and learning difficulties is extremely important and will be - Speech Link
6: Are the Government considering the separation of learning disabilities from within the Mental Health Act - Speech Link

8. Environmental and Food System Education
19/12/2017 - Westminster Hall

1: living sustainably. The fact is that they love learning about these things, and I will come on to that - Speech Link
2: was brilliant to see the kids so involved and learning things about food that they had never heard before - Speech Link

9. Cultural Centres and Sporting Facilities: North West Durham
01/02/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: Some great young artists are doing fantastic outdoor painting and works, including on some of the shopfronts - Speech Link
2: the NHS and save lives. As a result, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, including swimming pools and - Speech Link

10. Schools: Online Teaching
11/02/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: students have adequate access to devices for remote learning. Some 86% of private schools use online live lessons - Speech Link
2: approach will require universal access to digital learning well beyond the pandemic. What steps are the Government - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Outdoor Learning
1. Schools: Coronavirus
asked by: Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle
... schools to make increased use of outdoor spaces as learning environments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Outdoor Education
asked by: Paul Farrelly
... what assessment he has made of the potential merits of ensuring that the national curriculum includes outdoor learning on the natural environment.

3. Culture Recovery Fund: Outdoor Education
asked by: Richard Holden
... if he will make an assessment of the potential merits of extending the Culture Recovery Fund to the outdoor learning sector.

4. Remembrance Day: Coronavirus
asked by: Desmond Swayne
... whether (a) outdoor Remembrance Sunday and (b) other outdoor remembrance services will be exempt from the rule of six covid-19 regulations; and if he will make statement.

5. Theatres: Coronavirus
asked by: Caroline Lucas
... open air gyms and outdoor markets.

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