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To collaborate across the political spectrum to campaign against legislative loopholes that disadvantage single parents, and for positive representation of a category which is increasingly common yet still all too often stigmatised.

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Recent Documents related to Single Parent Families

1. Reduce tax for single parent with no financial support
03/05/2020 - Petitions

Found: Single parent families should be taxed on a household income of under £80,000 at basic rate tax and not

2. Gingerbread - written evidence
03/07/2019 - Inquiry: School holiday poverty - Work and Pensions Committee
- View source

Found: charity working with single parent families.  Gingerbread hears directly from single parents about their

25/07/2019 - Early Day Motions

Found: in single parent families are almost twice as likely to live in poverty as children in two-parent families;

4. Suspend fines for school non-attendance during Covid-19 & allow parental choice
19/09/2020 - Petitions

Found: those who are clinically vulnerable or single parent families).

5. Open Early Years, only to Key workers, vunerable children, and single parents.
09/01/2021 - Petitions

Found: workers (both parents)vunerable children and single parent families. Many parents are taking children into

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Recent Speeches related to Single Parent Families

1. Covid-19: Child Maintenance Service
21/01/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: of calls from across the Chamber, from One Parent Families Scotland and from Gingerbread, it is still - Speech Link

2. Family Law
11/06/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: maintenance from universal credit, if the paying parent has no income from employment. The new regulations - Speech Link
2: and charges—20% for the paying parent and 4% for the receiving parent—are set by the Child Maintenance - Speech Link
3: children. Child maintenance payments can be vital to families—especially those on low incomes—and to protecting - Speech Link

3. Low-income Families: Benefits Freeze
13/01/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: assessment they have made of the impact on low-income families of the four-year freeze in working age and children’s - Speech Link
2: which are, on average, nearly £400 this year for families with children. Those losses have contributed to - Speech Link
3: poverty and family breakdown, obviously there are families who have great difficulty fiscally, and we have - Speech Link

4. Child Maintenance Service
23/07/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: for an abusive paying parent to perpetuate their control over the receiving parent, thereby continuing - Speech Link
2: Pensions’ financial investigations unit that the paying parent did have additional unreported income, yet my constituent’s - Speech Link

5. Child Maintenance
06/11/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: want to. I do not think anyone here thinks that a parent should not pay for their child, but believe me - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Single Parent Families
1. Single People: Discrimination
asked by: David Drew
... what steps she has taken to ensure that single people are not discriminated against in relation to those who are married or in civil partnerships.

2. Single Sex Education
asked by: Jim Cunningham
... (b) the West Midlands and (c) England attend single-sex secondary schools.

3. Travel: Single People
asked by: Sharon Hodgson
... whether his Department has made an equality assessment of the single person’s travel supplement.

4. Families
asked by: Fiona Bruce
... what that allocation has been spent on.

5. Families
asked by: Tulip Siddiq
... what progress he has made on integrating family hubs with the Troubled Families Programme.

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Caroline Nokes
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Jamie Stone
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Andrew Bowie
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