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Trade Bill 2019-21

make provision about the implementation of international trade agreements; to make provision establishing the Trade Remedies Authority and conferring functions on it; and to make provision about the collection and disclosure of information relating to trade.

Government Bill
(Department for International Trade)

Official Bill Page Initial Explanatory Notes

Next Event: There is no future stage currently scheduled for this bill

Last Event: 20 May 2020 - Programme motion: House of Commons 20 May, 2020

Primary Bill Debate Contributors by Party

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Conservative Elizabeth Truss (View contribution) 5652 words
Democratic Unionist Party Paul Girvan (View contribution) 1584 words
Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney (View contribution) 2277 words
Scottish National Party Stewart Hosie (View contribution) 3114 words
Social Democratic & Labour Party Claire Hanna (View contribution) 2142 words

Bill Progession through Parliament

Commons - 40%

Most recent key documents

Date Type Title
18 Mar 2020 Bills Bill 120 2019-21 (as introduced)
18 Mar 2020 Explanatory Notes Bill 120 EN 2019-21

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