Frequently Asked Questions

What does Parallel Parliament do?

Parallel Parliament constantly monitors a wide range of official information sources to the UK Government and Parliament. We provide a single place where this information can be searched, and users can be alerted to new information.

This website was created as a means of consolidating the numerous and disparate official websites to a single source of information.

You can read more information about the site on our 'About' page

Who uses Parallel Parliament?

Parliamentarians, their staff members, Government Departments and Agencies, Local Authorities, Charities, Trade Groups, Businesses, Law Firms, Accountants, Academics, Media Groups and individuals.

Is this an official Parliamentary website?

No. This website is a private enterprise that has no connection, support or endorsement from Parliament or HM Government.

What data do you cover?

We are always adding new sources and increasing the size of our available database. Below is a list of some of the data that we cover.

The earliest document in our database is indicated, though we may not have all documents since this date. Currently, the site covers:

In addition, we also monitor and record:

  • MP Expenses
  • MP Registered Financial Interests
  • Parliamentary Calendar
  • Order Papers
  • Parliament Live Broadcasts
  • Parliament Annunciator

What about information in spreadsheets, word documents or PDF files?

We process the information from all included attachments from official releases.

How do I know the information is accurate?

We cannot guarantee that all data will be perfectly accurate and up to date. However, all information will be provided with a link to the original source material, where you can view the document or source from which the information was obtained.

Do you have a Twitter account?

You can follow our Twitter @ParallelParl. We have an automated tweeting system that tweets when new Consultations, Government Bills or Select Committee Inquires are launched.

How often is the information updated?

We currently assess all information sources on an hourly basis, along with a comprehensive overnight run.

I’m interested in a particular topic / MP/ Lord / Government Department / Legislation, how can you help me?

We have pages for MPs, Lords, Departments and Legislation that consolidates the available information resources into a single place for each entity. For topics, you can use the website search facility to find items that reference that topic.

For all of these pages, you can register to be alerted to any new information relating to that MP / Lord / Department / Legislation or topic of interest.

How many alerts can I create?

There is no limit to the number of alerts that can be created.

What if I want to cancel my alerts?

Every alert email comes with an unsubscribe link. Clicking the link and confirming your account details will immediately cancel the alert.

Alternatively, you can view all your alerts, and cancel any, from the alerts section of your user account.

Do you offer an API for access to your information?

We are in the process of expanding our API offering. If you are interested in accessing the website through an API, get in touch via the contact form

Do you sell user data? What is your Privacy Policy?

All registered user data is maintained on our server, and is not made available to any third party. You can view our privacy policy here.

It would be great if you could do….

Feel free to let us know via the contact form. The website and content are being constantly improved and updated, and any suggestion are welcome.