Baroness Lawlor

Conservative - Life peer

Became Member: 3rd November 2022

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Division Voting information

During the current Parliament, Baroness Lawlor has voted in 212 divisions, and never against the majority of their Party.
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Debates during the 2019 Parliament

Speeches made during Parliamentary debates are recorded in Hansard. For ease of browsing we have grouped debates into individual, departmental and legislative categories.

Sparring Partners
Lord Sharpe of Epsom (Conservative)
Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Home Office)
(8 debate interactions)
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Department Debates
Home Office
(27 debate contributions)
HM Treasury
(16 debate contributions)
Scotland Office
(12 debate contributions)
Department for Business and Trade
(10 debate contributions)
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Lords initiatives

These initiatives were driven by Baroness Lawlor, and are more likely to reflect personal policy preferences.

Baroness Lawlor has not introduced any legislation before Parliament

Baroness Lawlor has not co-sponsored any Bills in the current parliamentary sitting

Baroness Lawlor has not asked any Written Questions in the current parliament