Debates between Lord Faulks and Lord Grocott during the 2019 Parliament

Tue 25th Jan 2022

Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Bill

Debate between Lord Faulks and Lord Grocott
Lord Faulks Portrait Lord Faulks (Non-Afl)
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The noble Lord is masked.

Lord Grocott Portrait Lord Grocott (Lab)
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I am sorry. God, I will be glad when we get rid of those for good.

The noble Lord, Lord Sherbourne, said that, somehow or other, there is a suggestion that the argument on this side or around the House is that a Prime Minister calling for a general election is bad, undemocratic or inappropriate. We are not saying that at all. We are saying that a Prime Minister would not be a Prime Minister unless he had a majority in the House of Commons, and the Prime Minister would get what he wanted. I apologise for the length of the intervention, but the question I want to ask the noble Lord is: if he feels this passionately about, as I understood it, the Prime Minister alone being able to make that decision, how could it possibly be the case, in his argument, that a monarch—unelected—could say no to the Prime Minister making a request of that sort?