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Question to the Department for International Trade:

To ask the Secretary of State for International Trade, what estimate she has made of the projected economic value of the trade deal signed with Japan to (a) Sussex and (b) England.

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Greg Hands
Minister of State (Department for International Trade)
This question was answered on 9th November 2020

The published final stage impact assessment shows that all UK regions and nations are estimated to increase output as a result of the UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (UK-Japan CEPA). Government analysis indicates that the UK-Japan CEPA could boost the economy in the South East by approximately 0.07% in the long-run (equivalent to £177 million based on 2017 gross value added). It should be noted that these monetised value estimates are to be interpreted as indicative magnitudes not precise estimates or forecasts. The analysis does not include a breakdown of the economic value of the deal for Sussex nor an aggregated economic value for England.

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