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7 Dec 2017, 4:22 p.m. Overseas Loans: Republic of Ireland Mr Gregory Campbell


To ask Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer, will the outstanding loan monies still owed by the Government of the Irish Republic to the UK Goverment be affected in any way by Parliament's decision to conclude the UK's exit from the EU by March 2019.

Answer (Steve Barclay)

The UK Government expects repayment of the £3,226,960,000 bilateral loan to Ireland on time and in full, according to the schedule set out in the most recent statutory report which the Treasury provided to Parliament as required by Section 2 of the Loans to Ireland Act 2010. The last report was laid in Parliament on 7 November 2017 and is available in the Printed Paper Office. There is no direct connection between these terms and the decision to the leave the EU.

Table 2.A of the report provides the details of each of the loan disbursements made to Ireland by the Treasury, and the dates on which each tranche is due to be repaid.

Table 2.A

Disbursement Date

Loan amount

Loan Maturity Date

14 October 2011


15 April 2019

30 January 2012


30 July 2019

28 March 2012


30 September 2019

1 August 2012


3 February 2020

19 October 2012


20 April 2020

6 March 2013


7 September 2020

6 June 2013


7 December 2020

26 September 2013


26 March 2021

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