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Question to the Cabinet Office:

To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, pursuant to the Answer of 8 May 2018 to Question 138406, what steps he has taken to encourage the public sector beyond the civil service to adopt the Ban the Box policy.

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Oliver Dowden Portrait
Oliver Dowden
Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
This question was answered on 6th June 2018

The Government is committed to removing barriers for all individuals, including ex-offenders. The Civil Service is leading by example and has adopted the Ban the Box policy and is encouraging organisations across the private and public sectors to adopt the policy.

The Ministry of Justice recently published their Education and Employment strategy on 24 May. The strategy highlights the progress of Ban the Box across both public and private sectors, and reiterates its value. The Government is also continuing to explore opportunities to promote the employment of ex-offenders in the Civil Service and wider public sector.

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