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11 Jun 2018, 4:14 p.m. Arts and Culture: Finance Edward Miliband


To ask the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, how much funding from the public purse has been allocated for arts and culture in Doncaster (a) in total, (b) per head of the local population and (c) per head in England for the latest year for which figures are available.

Answer (Michael Ellis)

The government is committed to ensuring that people from across the country have access to our world class art and culture, and Arts Council England has worked hard in recent years to ensure investment outside London has increased as a percentage and in cash terms. In 2017/18, the latest year for which figure are available, Arts Council England invested £1,383,998 in Doncaster (Local Authority region); the data below outlines the funding allocated per head for Doncaster and England for the same year. The £ per head figure may not provide a true reflection of the benefits that Doncaster will receive from cultural investment across England, as many arts organisations take their work across the country impacting regions outside the area that they are based in.

£ per Head by Decision Year







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