Community Rehabilitation Companies

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Question to the Ministry of Justice:

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, what assessment his Department has made of the value for money of community rehabilitation company contracts and the effect of those contracts on re-offending rates.

Answered by
Rory Stewart
This question was answered on 22nd June 2018

We closely monitor Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) performance and hold providers to account for meeting their contractual obligations.

Although adjustments made to contracts in 2017 to better reflect the cost of delivering services increased the potential value of CRC contracts by up to £277m, our total spend on CRCs is still expected to be substantially less than the c.£3.7bn originally forecast.

Since contracts began, CRCs have reduced the number of people reoffending by two percentage points. Nevertheless, we recognise that CRC performance needs to improve. We are currently in commercial discussions with providers to make sure we secure the quality of services we need, and have been clear that that all options to manage performance, including contract termination, remain under consideration.

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