Written Question on Prisons: Capital Investment

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17 Jul 2018, 1:56 p.m. Prisons: Capital Investment David Hanson


To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, with reference to his speech of 10 July 2018 to the Centre for Social Justice, which prisons will receive the additional investment of £16,000,000; and how much of that money will be spent in each prison.

Answer (Rory Stewart)

While details are still being finalised, we are focusing on the prisons with the most pressing needs. The works under consideration include refurbishment of poor-quality cellular accommodation, life-expired shower facilities and life-expired food service areas to meet expected standards of decency and hygiene, as well as up-grades to fire safety systems. In procuring these works our aim will be to achieve a good standard of delivery at a fair price for the taxpayer. Contract details will be made publicly available via the Ministry’s transparency returns in the usual way.

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