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Question to the HM Treasury:

To ask Her Majesty's Government what was the total of the contributions that the UK made to the EU and its predecessors in each of the last 30 years, broken down by year; and what those totals would now be if adjusted for inflation.

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Lord Bates
This question was answered on 28th November 2017

The UK’s gross contribution in 2016 was £16.996 billion. The UK’s gross contribution has varied over last 30 years, ranging between £9.5 billion and £20 billion once adjusted for inflation in 2016 prices.

For the total annual UK contributions made to the EU and its predecessors, dating back to 1973, I would direct my noble Lord to Table 2 (page 9) of the House of Commons Library briefing paper The UK’s contribution to the EU Budget.

Table 3 (page 10) of the same document gives the contributions in real (2016) prices, calculated using the Office for National Statistics (ONS) GDP deflator.

All other underlying assumptions used are detailed in the publication.

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