Parliamentary Estate: Lighting

(asked on 18th July 2023) - View Source


To ask the Senior Deputy Speaker what plans there are, if any, for the traditional gas lamps on the Parliamentary Estate.

This question was answered on 27th July 2023

There are gas or combined gas and electricity lamps in New Palace Yard, Peers Car Park and Old Palace Yard and Black Rod’s Garden. Those in New Palace Yard have been degassed ready for conversion to electricity, with planning consent granted in 2019. The lamp columns and globes will remain unchanged after conversion and engagement continues with Westminster City Council and Historic England to ensure the new LED lights are comparable in appearance to the original gas. There are no immediate plans to convert other lamps to electricity, but all are due to be converted in the near future in tandem with other works impacting on gas supply pipes and in line with work to make Parliament more environmentally sustainable.

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