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To promote the present and historic benefits of almshouses to the nation's housing needs.

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Recent Documents related to Almshouses

1. Statistical Data Return 2017 to 2018
24/10/2018 - Regulator of Social Housing
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Found: Provider Code Provider Name A1073 Almshouses of William & Rebecca Pearce C3115 Arneway

2. Homes England RFI releases for January 2021
09/02/2021 - Homes England
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Found: Charities - Atwill Palmer Almshouses - Phase 1 - Re- modelling Atwill Palmer Almshouses Magdalen Road Exeter

3. The Almshouse Association - written evidence
03/09/2019 - Inquiry: Long-term delivery of social and affordable rented housing - Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee
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Found: Association [SAH 019] Executive Summary1.1.   Almshouses are the most established form of community run

4. Almshouses: their role in housing policy
17/10/2016 - Parliamentary Research

Found: PACK Number CDP 2016-0179, 17 October 2016 Almshouses: their role in housing policy By Wendy Wilson

5. FPS/U1050/7/98 Decision and map - 10 October 2016
05/01/2018 - Planning Inspectorate
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Found: to Bridleway and addition of a Bridleway from Almshouses Lane to Pu blic Footpath No. 22 and from Public

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Recent Speeches related to Almshouses

1. Almshouses
22/10/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: The Government welcome the important role that almshouses play in helping to meet the housing need of older - Speech Link
2: recognise the important contribution made by almshouses in providing that kind of housing. I believe - Speech Link
3: Church of England continues to provide excellent almshouses provision as a support to older people through - Speech Link

2. Almshouses
19/10/2016 - Westminster Hall

1: Taylors; we take responsibility for the 130 or so almshouses that the livery company owns and manages in Lewisham - Speech Link

3. Housebuilding
26/01/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: Lords, many charitable housing providers such as almshouses—for which I am an ambassador—are very small and - Speech Link

4. Planning: Accessible Homes
04/11/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: My Lords, we recognise the importance of the almshouses and that they are growing at their fastest rate - Speech Link

5. Housing Benefit
15/09/2016 - Written Statements

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Recent Questions related to Almshouses
1. Almshouses
asked by: Stella Creasy
... how many and what proportion of almshouses charities are registered providers of housing.

2. Almshouses
asked by: Lord Kennedy of Southwark
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment they have made of the future role of almshouses in providing housing to elderly people.

3. Coronavirus: Almshouses
asked by: Stephen Morgan
... what assessment he has made of the potential merits of providing priority access to personal protective equipment for use in almshouses to ensure the wellbeing of vulnerable people in those settings during the covid-19 outbreak.

4. Coronavirus: Almshouses
asked by: Stephen Morgan
... what assessment he has made of (a) recent trends in the level of covid-19 tests being undertaken in almshouse settings and (b) the effectiveness of such testing on improving the well-being of vulnerable people resident in those settings.

5. Almshouses: Coronavirus
asked by: Stephen Morgan
... what assessment he has made of the role of almshouses in local authorities housing vulnerable people after the covid-19 outbreak; and if he will take steps to ensure the continuing viability of almshouses.

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Contact Details

Registered Contact:

Siobhain McDonagh MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 4678.


Public Enquiry Point:

Jack Baldan, The Almshouse Association, Billingbear Lodge, Maidenhead Road, Wokingham RG40 5RU. Tel: 07540 255 168


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Former APPG Officers
Holly Lynch Portrait
Holly Lynch
Chair & Registered Contact
Labour - Halifax
Joined: 12th October 2016
Departed: 2nd May 2017
Mark Field Portrait
Mark Field
Conservative - Former Member for Cities of London and Westminster
Joined: 12th October 2016
Departed: 2nd May 2017
No other APPG Memberships
Will Quince Portrait
Will Quince
Conservative - Colchester
Joined: 12th October 2016
Departed: 2nd May 2017
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Simon Hoare Portrait
Simon Hoare
Conservative - North Dorset
Joined: 12th October 2016
Departed: 2nd May 2017