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Lords Chamber
Agricultural Exports from Australia: Tariffs - Tue 08 Jun 2021
Department for International Trade

1: None It will be a great deal for the UK, and our farmers will continue to thrive. - Speech Link
2: Lord Grantchester (LAB - Excepted Hereditary) Is there any independent governance of trade deals and tariffs? - Speech Link
3: Lord Grimstone of Boscobel (CON - Life peer) On the TAC, both the Agriculture Act and the Trade Act require the trade and agriculture commission to - Speech Link
4: Lord Grimstone of Boscobel (CON - Life peer) are used extensively in Australia’s mining, quarrying and recycling sectors. - Speech Link
5: Lord Browne of Ladyton (LAB - Life peer) lamb, which NFU Scotland says will devastate family farms and is wholly unacceptable to farmers and - Speech Link
6: Lord Moylan (CON - Life peer) forfeiting opportunities for its own farmers and members to export throughout the world and, in this - Speech Link
7: Lord Grimstone of Boscobel (CON - Life peer) We should all recognise that British beef and lamb are among the best in the world and the Australia-UK - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Finance (No. 2) Bill - Tue 13 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: Steve Double (CON - St Austell and Newquay) businesses in those sectors, but there is another sector that is very important to my local economy: the mining - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation - Mon 08 Mar 2021
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

1: Philip Dunne (CON - Ludlow) and rate company performance and investment products and portfolios, as part of our contribution in - Speech Link
2: Neil Hudson (CON - Penrith and The Border) Those sectors are vital in Penrith and The Border and across Cumbria, and they may be slower to recover - Speech Link
3: Stephen Morgan (LAB - Portsmouth South) late and came at the cost of businesses and jobs. - Speech Link
4: Theresa Villiers (CON - Chipping Barnet) in a way that encourages innovation and competition can boost GDP and give consumers more choice and - Speech Link
5: Yvette Cooper (LAB - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford) Kickstart is still too small and too slow, and key sectors such as pubs and the travel industry need - Speech Link
6: Derek Thomas (CON - St Ives) critical and agree should remain for hospitality and tourism—are all critical for west Cornwall and - Speech Link
7: Steve Double (CON - St Austell and Newquay) This is particularly going to hit very hard the quarrying and mining sector, which is another very important - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Social Security - Tue 02 Mar 2021
Department for Work and Pensions

1: Justin Tomlinson (CON - North Swindon) and Other Payments Act 2008. - Speech Link
2: Vicky Foxcroft (LAB - Lewisham, Deptford) People working in construction, quarrying, mining, pottery, sandblasting, ceramics and glass manufacturing - Speech Link
3: Wendy Chamberlain (LDEM - North East Fife) that we are in right now, and also for other public buildings such as hospitals and schools. - Speech Link
4: Beth Winter (LAB - Cynon Valley) I come from a mining family—my father, grandfather and great uncles all worked underground—so I have - Speech Link
5: Christine Jardine (LDEM - Edinburgh West) toll and the impact that they have, both emotionally and physically, on the victims and their families - Speech Link
6: Justin Tomlinson (CON - North Swindon) guidance in all areas of health and safety, and that part of its work is crucial. - Speech Link

Grand Committee
Mesothelioma Lump Sum Payments (Conditions and Amounts) (Amendment) Regulations 2021 - Wed 10 Feb 2021
Department for Work and Pensions

1: Baroness Stedman-Scott (CON - Life peer) Maintenance and Other Payments Act 2008. - Speech Link
2: Lord Wigley (PC - Life peer) to the Turner and Newall dimension. - Speech Link
3: Lord McKenzie of Luton (LAB - Life peer) invokes passionate memories of our industrial heritage and a different time for health and safety. - Speech Link
4: Baroness Stedman-Scott (CON - Life peer) of those arose from the slate quarrying industry. - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
United Kingdom Internal Market Bill - Wed 25 Nov 2020
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town (LAB - Life peer) Practices and rules within the EU developed over years, with input and experience from business and consumers - Speech Link
2: Lord Wigley (PC - Life peer) the Valleys, the area which includes most of the old coal mining, slate quarrying and marginal land - Speech Link
3: Baroness Humphreys (LDEM - Life peer) and for his excellent explanation and analysis of its intent. - Speech Link
4: Baroness Penn (CON - Life peer) and communities in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. - Speech Link
5: Lord German (LDEM - Life peer) I remember the arguments and debates on UK regional aid and regional assistance, and dividing the areas - Speech Link
6: None of sites and premises for industry, and more. - Speech Link
7: Baroness McIntosh of Pickering (CON - Life peer) I wish my noble and learned friend Lord Mackay and his amendment the best, and hope that our noble friend - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Income tax (charge) - Tue 17 Mar 2020
Department for Transport

1: Robert Syms (CON - Poole) We had a debate in 2017, and we just about won it, and we had a debate in 2019 and we won it again. - Speech Link
2: Yvette Cooper (LAB - Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford) She and others need support and advice. - Speech Link
3: Ian Levy (CON - Blyth Valley) It is a remarkable area and I will do all that I can to ensure that its people and their concerns and - Speech Link
4: Mark Logan (CON - Bolton North East) self-effacing, and a colour of modesty and humility. - Speech Link
5: Sarah Dines (CON - Derbyshire Dales) and Tideswell were centres of lead-mining. - Speech Link

Grand Committee
Mesothelioma Lump Sum Payments (Conditions and Amounts) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 - Tue 03 Mar 2020
Department for Work and Pensions

1: Lord McKenzie of Luton (LAB - Life peer) and Other Payments Act 2008. - Speech Link
2: Baroness Stedman-Scott (CON - Life peer) and Other Payments Act 2008. - Speech Link
3: Lord Alton of Liverpool (CB - Life peer) , from construction and cleaning to artisan baking and much more. - Speech Link
4: Lord Alton of Liverpool (CB - Life peer) industries such as quarrying, foundries and potteries. - Speech Link
5: Lord Wigley (PC - Life peer) may recall the interest I have in these matters, arising from having represented for 27 years a slate quarrying - Speech Link
6: Lord Wigley (PC - Life peer) One aspect of interest in the presentation of that case is the way in which the slate quarrying communities - Speech Link
7: Lord Jones (LAB - Life peer) The contrast between the humble quarryman, and the mighty potentate and the wealth and treasure he and - Speech Link
8: Lord Freyberg (CB - Excepted Hereditary) and the late Paul Goggins. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Wed 23 Oct 2019
Cabinet Office

1: Chris Green (CON - Bolton West) Manchester spatial framework and for health and social care devolution. - Speech Link
2: Michael Gove (CON - Surrey Heath) , the Department of Health and Social Care and the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure that vulnerable - Speech Link
3: Boris Johnson (CON - Uxbridge and South Ruislip) This is an unimaginable and truly heartbreaking tragedy, and I know that the thoughts and prayers of - Speech Link
4: Jeremy Corbyn (IND - Islington North) and tried to prevent genuine democratic scrutiny and debate. - Speech Link
5: Barry Sheerman (LAB - Huddersfield) who are good and trusted friends, and that the United States is a major ally of ours and the Prime Minister - Speech Link
6: Lucy Allan (CON - Telford) It is a new town—a former mining town—with pockets of deprivation and poor health outcomes and, while - Speech Link
7: Anne Main (CON - St Albans) Will the Prime Minister use his good offices to ensure that the Environment Agency does not allow quarrying - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Thu 11 Jul 2019
Department for International Trade

1: Liam Fox (CON - North Somerset) Friend and say that free trade is beneficial for prosperity, stability and security, in the United Kingdom - Speech Link
2: Nigel Evans (CON - Ribble Valley) What plans does he have to ensure that we have sufficient staff and personnel in high commissions and - Speech Link
3: Peter Aldous (CON - Waveney) the late-life decarbonising management and decommissioning of oil and gas fields? - Speech Link
4: Michael Fabricant (CON - Lichfield) between the UK and the US; and if he will make a statement - Speech Link
5: Liam Fox (CON - North Somerset) The UK and the US have a deep long-standing relationship with a strong and enduring bond. - Speech Link
6: Victoria Atkins (CON - Louth and Horncastle) The worst sectors in terms of the gender split for women are construction; mining and quarrying; and - Speech Link
7: Victoria Atkins (CON - Louth and Horncastle) We must very much encourage boys to grow, and to be great teachers in our schools and colleges. - Speech Link
8: Kelly Tolhurst (CON - Rochester and Strood) As she well knows, that is a debate and a negotiation between the employer and the employees and their - Speech Link

Lords Chamber
Water Abstraction Regulations - Mon 15 Jan 2018
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

1: Baroness Jones of Whitchurch (LAB - Life peer) and other water users. - Speech Link
2: Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville (LDEM - Life peer) Farmers and the mining and quarrying industries were the highest responders, but some responders did - Speech Link
3: None concerns came from navigation authorities, canal and river trusts and internal drainage boards, along - Speech Link
4: Lord Whitty (LAB - Life peer) to droughts and floods. - Speech Link
5: Baroness Jones of Whitchurch (LAB - Life peer) Nevertheless, I welcome the dialogue and discussion, and I think that he gave fair and honest answers - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing Bill - Mon 03 Jul 2017
Department for Transport

1: John Hayes (CON - South Holland and The Deepings) and part is about how and where people travel. - Speech Link
2: Rachel Maclean (CON - Redditch) day in the Chamber, and I will continue, again and again and again, to fight to protect and strengthen - Speech Link
3: Lee Rowley (CON - North East Derbyshire) constituency who were mining under its ground every single day. - Speech Link
4: Bob Seely (CON - Isle of Wight) Member for Crewe and Nantwich (Laura Smith) and my hon. - Speech Link
5: Stephen Kerr (CON - Stirling) The march now focuses on saving this important historic site from the threat of quarrying. - Speech Link
6: Bill Grant (CON - Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock) The commonality is that we were both born to mining families in the small Ayrshire mining village of - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Dean Quarry, St Keverne - Tue 10 Jan 2017
No Department present

1: Derek Thomas (CON - St Ives) Quarrying from Dean helped to support villages on the Lizard peninsula in south-west Cornwall - Speech Link
2: Lord Barwell (CON - Life peer) It must recognise the intrinsic character and beauty of coastal areas and the wider countryside, the - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
Budget Resolutions and Economic Situation - Mon 13 Jul 2015
HM Treasury

1: Greg Clark (CON - Tunbridge Wells) Members for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford (Yvette Cooper) and for Leigh (Andy Burnham) and the - Speech Link
2: Greg Clark (CON - Tunbridge Wells) We want to build on the ingenuity and experience of local councils and civic and business leaders in - Speech Link
3: Anne Marie Morris (CON - Newton Abbot) Lots of people come and retire there, and many are rather elderly and the costs are significant. - Speech Link
4: Jonathan Ashworth (LAB - Leicester South) and research and development. - Speech Link
5: Steve McCabe (LAB - Birmingham, Selly Oak) and research and development. - Speech Link
6: Harry Harpham (LAB - Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough) and research and development. - Speech Link
7: Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick (Non-affiliated - Life peer) exemption for shale on which the construction and quarrying industry in my constituency is so dependent - Speech Link
8: Amanda Milling (CON - Cannock Chase) Once a mining area, Cannock Chase is now the home of thriving small, medium-sized and large businesses - Speech Link
9: Stuart C McDonald (SNP - Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East) parishes and mining towns to the new town of Cumbernauld itself. - Speech Link
10: Rebecca Pow (CON - Taunton Deane) It will transform behaviour and move us to a higher-wage and lower-tax and lower-welfare economy. - Speech Link
11: Mark Pawsey (CON - Rugby) and Daventry and Northampton in Northamptonshire. - Speech Link

Commons Chamber
International Mining Industry - Mon 08 Sep 2014
No Department present

1: Eric Joyce (IND - Falkirk) there is still quarrying, but mining is something that happens abroad. - Speech Link
2: Matt Hancock (CON - West Suffolk) agenda and helping to ensure that, through engagement and improving policy at a global level, mining - Speech Link