Nadhim Zahawi Portrait

Nadhim Zahawi

Conservative - Stratford-on-Avon

First elected: 6th May 2010

Minister without Portfolio (Cabinet Office)
25th Oct 2022 - 29th Jan 2023
Party Chair, Conservative Party
25th Oct 2022 - 29th Jan 2023
Minister for Intergovernmental Relations
6th Sep 2022 - 25th Oct 2022
Minister for Equalities
6th Sep 2022 - 25th Oct 2022
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
6th Sep 2022 - 25th Oct 2022
Chancellor of the Exchequer
5th Jul 2022 - 6th Sep 2022
Secretary of State for Education
15th Sep 2021 - 5th Jul 2022
Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)
26th Jul 2019 - 15th Sep 2021
Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Health and Social Care)
28th Nov 2020 - 15th Sep 2021
Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Education)
9th Jan 2018 - 26th Jul 2019
Foreign Affairs Committee
11th Sep 2017 - 20th Feb 2018
Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art
12th Dec 2017 - 22nd Jan 2018
Foreign Affairs Committee
8th Jul 2015 - 3rd May 2017
Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art
1st Dec 2015 - 3rd May 2017
Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee
5th Jan 2016 - 3rd May 2017
Committees on Arms Export Controls (formerly Quadripartite Committee)
12th Jul 2010 - 30th Mar 2015
Committees on Arms Export Controls
12th Jul 2010 - 30th Mar 2015
Business, Innovation and Skills Committee
12th Jul 2010 - 30th Mar 2015
Foreign Affairs Committee
30th Jun 2014 - 30th Mar 2015
Privacy and Injunctions (Joint Committee)
14th Jul 2011 - 12th Mar 2012

Division Voting information

During the current Parliament, Nadhim Zahawi has voted in 713 divisions, and never against the majority of their Party.
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Debates during the 2019 Parliament

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Sparring Partners
Chi Onwurah (Labour)
Shadow Minister (Science, Research and Innovation)
(120 debate interactions)
Alan Whitehead (Labour)
Shadow Minister (Climate Change and Net Zero)
(40 debate interactions)
Lindsay Hoyle (Speaker)
(34 debate interactions)
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Department Debates
Department of Health and Social Care
(465 debate contributions)
Department for Education
(357 debate contributions)
Department for Business and Trade
(3 debate contributions)
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Stratford-on-Avon Petitions

e-Petitions are administered by Parliament and allow members of the public to express support for a particular issue.

If an e-petition reaches 10,000 signatures the Government will issue a written response.

If an e-petition reaches 100,000 signatures the petition becomes eligible for a Parliamentary debate (usually Monday 4.30pm in Westminster Hall).

Petition Debates Contributed

Advice from the JCVI on the priority groups for a Covid-19 vaccine does not include school/childcare workers. This petition calls for these workers, who cannot distance or use PPE, to be kept safe at work by being put on the vaccine priority list when such a list is adopted into government policy.

I want the Government to prevent any restrictions being placed on those who refuse to have any potential Covid-19 vaccine. This includes restrictions on travel, social events, such as concerts or sports. No restrictions whatsoever.

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Nadhim Zahawi has not signed any Early Day Motions

Commons initiatives

These initiatives were driven by Nadhim Zahawi, and are more likely to reflect personal policy preferences.

MPs who are act as Ministers or Shadow Ministers are generally restricted from performing Commons initiatives other than Urgent Questions.

Nadhim Zahawi has not been granted any Urgent Questions

Nadhim Zahawi has not been granted any Adjournment Debates

2 Bills introduced by Nadhim Zahawi

Introduced: 20th July 2022

A Bill To make provision about the regulation of financial services and markets; and for connected purposes.

This Bill received Royal Assent on 29th June 2023 and was enacted into law.

Commons - 40%

Last Event - 2nd Reading: House Of Commons
Friday 13th May 2011

Nadhim Zahawi has not co-sponsored any Bills in the current parliamentary sitting

Nadhim Zahawi has not asked any Written Questions in the current parliament