Ten Minute Rule Bills currently before Parliament

Ten Minute Rule Bills are Presentation Bills for which the sponsor makes a 10 minute speech before the house outlining the reasons for their legislation.

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1 Bill in initial stages

These bills have been laid before Parliament, but have not begun the Bill Process. A Short Title and Long Title (summary) of the Bill will have been provided, though a full text of the Bill may not have been tabled.

For Commons Private Members' Bills, unless a high position on the Order Paper has been secured for the Second Reading Debate (or unanimous consent is expected), it is unlikely that the Bill will progress further from this point. Often only Ballot Bills (which have priority for Second Reading) will have the opportunity to progress.

A Bill to create offences in relation to the publication of false or misleading statements by elected representatives; and for connected purposes.

Commons - 20%

Last Event - 1st Reading (Commons)
Tuesday 28th June 2022
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Next Event - 2nd Reading (Commons)
Friday 28th October 2022