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Question to the Ministry of Justice:

To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they have to publish data on (1) the number of offenders subject to indeterminate sentences for public protection who became eligible for licence review over the past year, and (2) the number of those who applied for a licence review over the same period.

This question was answered on 9th December 2021

We do not publish the data at the present time; however, we continue to review processes to allow the publication of more information in the future.

The accumulative number of IPP offenders, who will become eligible for a licence review each year for the next five years is set out below.

Table: IPP cases with at least one release by 30/09/2021 by eligibility to apply for licence termination:


Number of cases eligible

End of 2021


End of 2022


End of 2023


End of 2024


End of 2025


End of 2026



1. Number of Cases Eligible is Cumulative (i.e. cases eligible in 2021 will also be eligible in 2022 etc).

2. Data is taken from administrative sources (nDelius) and subject to the inherent inaccuracy in any such large-scale data source.

Statistics on the prison population are routinely published as part of the quarterly Offender Management Statistics on -

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