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To ensure that the issues and challenges that the wedding industry faces are represented by parliamentarians in policy debates, and to promote the wedding industry and its contribution to society.

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Recent Documents related to Weddings

1. CMA open letter to the weddings sector
07/09/2020 - Competition and Markets Authority
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Found: Correspondence CMA open letter to the weddings sector In light of the pandemic's impact

2. Further financial assistance to the wedding industry during covid
19/10/2020 - Petitions

Found: further financial assistance to wedding industry. Weddings have been prominate with strict restrictions,

3. Covid Safe weddings of up to 30, already booked in the next 3 months happen.
22/09/2020 - Petitions

Found: Most weddings involve two families that are already in bubbles, and would be safer than sitting in a

4. lift wedding restrictions
29/08/2020 - Petitions

Found: lift the restrictions on weddings. Pubs and churches have NO restrictions to how many people they can

5. Extend the limit for weddings to 30 with COVID 19 restrictions
22/09/2020 - Petitions

Found: The limit for weddings is 15 whilst for funerals it is 30. Extend the exemption from the Rule of Six

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Recent Speeches related to Weddings

1. Live Events and Weddings: Covid-19 Support
09/11/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: 332789, relating to support for live events and weddings during covid-19.E-petition 329339 relates - Speech Link

2. Covid-19: Wedding Venues
24/06/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: are supporting commitment by lifting the ban on weddings, but marriages also need supporting. The Government - Speech Link
2: great delight that we received news yesterday that weddings will once again be permitted. This will be an - Speech Link
3: can actually take place. For a number of months, weddings have not been allowed and managers have had to - Speech Link

3. Registration of Marriages Regulations 2021
23/03/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: churches just reopening and the Covid guidance on weddings (and other things) likely to change again soon - Speech Link
2: not aware of those weddings and they are not registered with them—hence, those weddings have no legal status - Speech Link
3: consider further changes to our arrangements for weddings in this country—as, it is clear, does the noble - Speech Link

4. Regulatory Impact Assessments (Legislative Scrutiny)
02/09/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: of 107,000 weddings across the United Kingdom justified? Could any of the 4,452 weddings which should - Speech Link
2: have a reasonable handle on retail, hospitality, weddings and the beauticians who do eyebrows and beard - Speech Link
3: gauged from them. May I make a quick suggestion on weddings? It is possible, in a bigger venue, to have people - Speech Link

5. Marriage and Religious Weddings
30/06/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: Meanwhile, 6,000 couples who have had humanist weddings have also been required to have a second marriage - Speech Link
2: education—but lockdown has shown the need for simpler weddings and more certainty in formalities, to increase - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Weddings
1. Coronavirus: Weddings
asked by: Rosena Allin-Khan
... whether his Department has made available mental health support to small businesses in the wedding sector affected by the covid-19 restrictions on weddings since March 2020.

2. Weddings: Coronavirus
asked by: Rosena Allin-Khan
... whether the wedding industry is included in the hospitality category for the purpose of covid-19 financial support.

3. Weddings: Coronavirus
asked by: Mike Amesbury
... what plans his Department has for the long-term recovery of the wedding sector from the covid-19 outbreak.

4. Weddings: Coronavirus
asked by: Mark Hendrick
... what assessment he has made of the long-term effect on society of fewer marriages taking place during the covid-19 lockdowns.

5. Weddings: Coronavirus
asked by: Sajid Javid
... what steps his Department is taking to assess the potential merits of easing covid-19 restrictions on weddings through the use of (a) pilot schemes and (b) further consultation with the UK Weddings Taskforce.

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Siobhan Baillie Portrait
Siobhan Baillie
Chair & Registered Contact
Conservative - Stroud
Joined: 14th July 2021
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Carla Lockhart
Vice Chair
Democratic Unionist Party - Upper Bann
Joined: 14th July 2021
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Lord Popat
Vice Chair
Conservative - Life peer
Joined: 14th July 2021
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Africa , Commonwealth , Rwanda
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