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To promote, support, and raise awareness of professional wrestling; to work with the industry to improve it and to build confidence; to celebrate British success in professional wrestling.

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Recent Documents related to Wrestling

1. Wrestling
07/08/2020 - APPGs

Found: support, and raise awareness of professional wrestling; to work with the industry to improve it and to

2. Being Human festival - written evidence
12/06/2018 - Inquiry: The Social Impact of Participation in Culture and Sport - Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee
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Found: community engagement festival event was ‘British Wrestling: History and Resurgence’ run by Dr Claire Warden

3. Teacher misconduct panel outcome: Mr Azam Zia
06/06/2017 - Closed organisation: National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)
- View source

Found: included wrestling, and in particular he: i. gave pupils practical instruction in wrestling;

4. Dounreay Communities Fund
20/08/2019 - Dounreay
- View source

Found: Club †200 Thurso Pentland FC †300 Cait hness Pro Wrestling †200 Caithness Cycling Club †350 Bob Earnshaw

15/07/2019 - Early Day Motions

Found: fundraising football friendly in July 2019 with Insane Wrestling, and urges people in Maryhill and beyond to rally

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Recent Speeches related to Wrestling

1. British Wrestling
22/04/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: honour to lead a debate on the future of British wrestling. Much to the disappointment of several of the - Speech Link

2. Cornish Wrestling
12/06/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: a spotlight on Cornish wrestling. I will, if I may, refer to Cornish wrestling in the Cornish tongue for - Speech Link

3. Misogyny in Sport
16/09/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: first is the misogyny we see in wrestling. While some will say that wrestling is not a sport, that is a debate - Speech Link
2: in traditionally male-dominated sports such as wrestling. The disturbing reality and lived experience for - Speech Link
3: Welsh valleys woman who is making waves in the wrestling world, to the formidable Fallon Sherrock, who - Speech Link

4. Squash: The Olympics
12/01/2021 - Westminster Hall

1: make room for a new sport in the 2020 games. Wrestling was removed, but then added back into a shortlist - Speech Link

5. Tax: Short-term Lets
01/04/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: Whether it is Uber or Amazon, we are genuinely wrestling with how to capture the income due here. We have - Speech Link

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Freddie Cook, Office of Alex Davies-Jones MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 4981

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