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To encourage interest in the political concept of CANZUK; promote CANZUK among UK parliamentarians; meet with interested politicians, commentators, academics and political figures visiting the UK from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; promote research and policy ideas around CANZUK; and discuss Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and UK politics.

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Recent Documents related to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (CANZUK)

1. Future free trade agreements: US, CPTPP, Australia and New Zealand
20/02/2019 - Parliamentary Research

Found: Future free trade agreements: US, CPTPP, Australia and New Zealand By Ilze Jozepa, Matt Ward and Dominic

2. Qualified teacher status (QTS): qualify to teach in England
03/10/2019 - Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)
- View source

Found: Switzerland Teachers qualified in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA Teachers qualified in

3. New Zealand 2018
04/06/2018 - Parliamentary Research

Found: 2018 New Zealand 2018 By Ben Smith, Louisa Brooke-Holland and Dominic Webb Contents: 1. New Zealand

4. UK visa requirements: list for carriers
20/08/2020 - UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI)
- View source

Found: UK VISA REQUIREMENTS ALL nationals of the countries and territories listed below in red (underlined)

5. ePassport gates to open to visitors from Singapore and South Korea
03/12/2018 - Home Office
- View source

Found: Home Entering and staying in the UK Border control News story

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Recent Speeches related to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (CANZUK)

1. Global Britain
16/06/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: conference—COP26—which we will host in Glasgow.The UK possesses the third biggest aid budget and diplomatic - Speech Link
2: the full DFID budget will be ring-fenced in the new Department? Will there be no loss of DFID staff numbers - Speech Link

2. Global Britain
30/01/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: that beacon championing the values for which the UK has long been known. From our abolition of the corn - Speech Link
2: just made, very eloquently? CANZUK—consisting of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and ourselves—has the potential - Speech Link
3: relationships with allies such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia fundamentally became less close. We - Speech Link
4: Does the Secretary of State recognise that the UK does not, in fact, face a stark choice between maximising - Speech Link

3. Commonwealth
28/03/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: for not being able to take part. He is en route to New York—indeed, he may already have arrived—to represent - Speech Link
2: Minister, the noble Lord, Lord Bates, as to how the UK is responding to that disaster. As usual, DfID has - Speech Link
3: found that in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other Commonwealth countries - Speech Link

4. European Union (Definition of Treaties) (Strategic Partnership Agreement) (Canada) Order 2018
18/07/2018 - Grand Committee

1: of Treaties) (Strategic Partnership Agreement) (Canada) Order 2018, the European Union (Definition of - Speech Link
2: ministerial, official and expert level.The EU-Canada Strategic Partnership Agreement will enhance political - Speech Link

5. Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (Accession)
17/06/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: Today’s launch of trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand is an historic moment for this country - Speech Link

6. Oral Answers to Questions
09/02/2017 - Commons Chamber

1: audiences and support the creative industries across the UK. The Government are looking at a broad range of options - Speech Link
2: that “Hollyoaks” and other programmes set across the UK are able to prosper so that we have a plurality of - Speech Link
3: disagree with the hon. Gentleman. In England, where the UK Government are responsible for support, we have put - Speech Link
4: assessment she has made of the potential effect of the UK leaving the EU on the creative industries. (908718) - Speech Link
5: costs and work visa requirements do not kill off UK musicians’ ability to tour European venues post-Brexit - Speech Link
6: segue by the hon. Gentleman. The point is that the UK music industry is a global leader—it is a leader - Speech Link
7: what will happen to that source of funding after the UK leaves the EU. Will the Secretary of State give a - Speech Link
8: to securing funding until 2020, which is after the UK will leave the European Union. I am working closely - Speech Link
9: week. The fashion industry is concerned that, as the UK leaves the EU, we will lose the right to protect - Speech Link

7. Oral Answers to Questions
08/10/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: from seven in the EU-Japan deal to up to 70 in our new agreement, from Cornish clotted cream to Scotch beef - Speech Link
2: concerned about the animal welfare standards in a US-UK trade deal. They ask me why the state of California - Speech Link
3: lamb is some of the best in the world, and in the new Japan trade deal, Welsh lamb will be recognised as - Speech Link
4: world-leading scrutiny process, comparable with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. That will mean the International - Speech Link
5: to reason and write into law the protection of all UK farming standards against imports that do not meet - Speech Link
6: present the entire UK on an easily consumable platter for USA negotiators when it comes to a UK-USA trade deal - Speech Link
7: Government take very seriously the punitive US tariffs on UK goods, including on single malt Scotch whisky. We - Speech Link

8. Trade: Trans-Pacific Partnership
23/09/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: House when he expects CPTPP members Australia, New Zealand and Canada, which are also our Five Eyes partners - Speech Link
2: and recently opened the first meeting between the UK and CPTPP officials to discuss preparations for the - Speech Link
3: that they freely entered into, how can Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the other members of the Trans-Pacific - Speech Link
4: have the Government made of any implications for UK intellectual property rights? What progress have - Speech Link
5: My Lords, we on these Benches are enthusiastic for UK businesses to utilise any expanded opportunities - Speech Link

9. Global Britain
11/01/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: economic growth and how we are going to use our new global platform in 2021 to promote free and fair - Speech Link
2: to the G10, and to include Korea, India, and Australia? That would represent over half the world’s GDP - Speech Link
3: Friend makes a very powerful point. Allies such as Australia, South Korea and India will be key to forging - Speech Link

10. Future Free Trade Agreements
21/02/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: potential future free trade agreements: Australia, New Zealand, US and a comprehensive and progressive - Speech Link
2: potential future free trade agreements: Australia, New Zealand, US and a comprehensive and progressive - Speech Link
3: privatisation of any public services, and under current UK and EU agreements, claims can be made only in respect - Speech Link
4: some progress. I will give way again shortly.New opportunities are clearly available to the United - Speech Link
5: have different provisions in countries such as Canada and the United States, whose legal remedies and - Speech Link
6: family and business contacts we have with Australia, New Zealand and the USA will inevitably lead to further - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (CANZUK)
1. Entry Clearances: Biometrics
asked by: Lloyd Russell-Moyle
... New Zealand and the United States will be able to use eGates at UK ports.

2. Trade Agreements: Commonwealth
asked by: Lord Browne of Belmont
... and (3) New Zealand.

3. Trade Agreements: Canada and Australasia
asked by: Lord Browne of Belmont
... and (3) New Zealand.

4. Commonwealth: Foreign Relations
asked by: Lord Browne of Belmont
... after Brexit.

5. Trade Agreements
asked by: Lord Allen of Kensington
... about establishing a trading bloc with those nations.

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