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To foster good relations and cultural exchange with the people of the Faroes.

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Recent Documents related to Faroe Islands

1. Trade and investment factsheets (partner names beginning with C to F)
12/02/2021 - Department for International Trade
- View source

Found: Faroe Islands This factsheet provides the latest statistics on trade and investment between the UK

2. Explanatory memorandum: UK/Faroes: Framework Agreement on Fisheries
10/11/2020 - Treaty
- View source

Found: Britain and Northern Ireland and the Faroe Islands (“the UK-Faroe Islands Fisheries Agreement”) will form

3. Explanatory memorandum: UK/Denmark: Free Trade Agreement in respect of the Faroe Islands
06/02/2019 - Treaty
- View source

Found: Ireland and the Kingdom of Denmark in respect of the Faroe IslandsTitle of the Agreement: Free Trade Agreement

4. UK-Faroe Islands committee documents
07/09/2021 - Department for International Trade
- View source

Found: Decision UK-Faroe Islands committee documents Decisions, documents and meeting

5. Letter from Lord Gardiner of Kimble to Peers regarding issues raised during the Lords consideration of Commons amendments: Denmark's historic fishing rights, UK-Faroes Special Area
03/12/2020 - Bill Documents

Found: how the 1999 Agreement between the UK and the Faroe Islands was implemented into domestic legislation

Latest Documents
Recent Speeches related to Faroe Islands

1. Fisheries Bill [ Lords ] (Third sitting)
10/09/2020 - Public Bill Committees

1: insert—“(5A) After article 4 insert—‘Fishing by Faroe Islands-licensed foreign vessels4A (1) Nothing in article - Speech Link
2: as in section 16 of the Fisheries Act 2020—‘Faroe Islands-licensed’;‘the Special Area’.”This amendment - Speech Link
3: and the Faroe Islands. The 1999 agreement, or for the purposes of the Bill the Faroe Islands treaty, - Speech Link

2. Agreement Establishing an Economic Partnership Agreement between the Eastern and Southern Africa States and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
13/03/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: eastern or southern African regions or with the Faroe Islands—but they represent 0.1%, 0.1% and 0.1% of total - Speech Link
2: agreement with the Faroe Islands relates to securing access to the UK market for the islands’ fisheries and - Speech Link

3. Trade Agreements
14/02/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: have also signed agreements with Chile and the Faroe Islands and an economic partnership agreement with eastern - Speech Link
2: probably one of the few people to have visited the Faroe Islands. I am slightly concerned that the Faroes account - Speech Link
3: (Cross-border Trade) Bill. With regard to the Faroe Islands, I think that the figure of 0% has been rounded - Speech Link

4. Annual Fisheries Negotiations 2020: UK Priorities and Objectives
23/10/2020 - Written Statements

1: partners like Norway, the Faroe Islands, and the EU.With Norway and the Faroe Islands, we have already agreed - Speech Link

5. Aquatic Animal Health and Alien Species in Aquaculture (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019
20/02/2019 - Grand Committee

1: that has been made with the Faroe Islands. I have visited those islands. I am very proud of my Danish - Speech Link
2: Select Committee this morning we looked at the Faroe Isles FTA and have brought it to the special attention - Speech Link
3: should not affect any crabs exported from the Faroe Islands. I was interested in the point raised by the - Speech Link

Latest Speeches
Recent Questions related to Faroe Islands
1. Faroe Islands: Dolphins
asked by: Andrew Rosindell
... whether officials in his Department have had discussions with officials in the Faroe Islands government on the recent killing of over 1400 dolphins.

2. Fishing Catches: Faroe Islands
asked by: Lord Teverson
... and (2) 2019; and what was the value of fish caught by UK vessels in Faroese waters in the same years.

3. Overseas Trade: Faroe Islands
asked by: Imran Ahmad Khan
... what recent steps her Department has taken to increase the volume of trade between the UK and the Faroe Islands.

4. Trade Agreements: Faroe Islands
asked by: Lord Wallace of Tankerness
...To ask Her Majesty's Government whether any officials or ministers of the Scottish Government were directly involved in meetings between Her Majesty's Government and representatives of the governments of the Faroe Islands and Denmark about the negotiations of the UK–Faroe Islands Free Trade Agreement.

5. Trade Agreements: Faroe Islands
asked by: Lord Wallace of Tankerness
...To ask Her Majesty's Government what discussions they have had with the devolved administrations about the negotiation of the UK–Faroe Islands Free Trade Agreement.

Latest Questions
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8 Current APPG Officers
Lia Nici Portrait
Lia Nici
Vice Chair
Conservative - Great Grimsby
Joined: 4th November 2020
Fabian Hamilton Portrait
Fabian Hamilton
Vice Chair
Labour - Leeds North East
Joined: 4th November 2020
Douglas Chapman Portrait
Douglas Chapman
Scottish National Party - Dunfermline and West Fife
Joined: 29th December 2021
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Angus Brendan MacNeil MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 8476.

Email: macneila@parliament.uk

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Paul Farrelly Portrait
Paul Farrelly
Vice Chair
Labour - Former Member for Newcastle-under-Lyme
Joined: 29th September 2015
Departed: 5th November 2019
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Dan Poulter Portrait
Dan Poulter
Vice Chair
Conservative - Central Suffolk and North Ipswich
Joined: 24th November 2016
Departed: 10th October 2018
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Nic Dakin
Vice Chair
Labour - Former Member for Scunthorpe
Joined: 24th November 2016
Departed: 10th October 2018
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Calum Kerr Portrait
Calum Kerr
Scottish National Party - Former Member for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk
Joined: 3rd June 2016
Departed: 2nd May 2017
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Nigel Huddleston Portrait
Nigel Huddleston
Conservative - Mid Worcestershire
Joined: 29th September 2015
Departed: 28th April 2016
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Lord Lea of Crondall Portrait
Lord Lea of Crondall
Vice Chair
Non-affiliated - Life peer
Joined: 29th September 2015
Departed: 28th April 2016
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