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To highlight the role of sovereign wealth funds in the UK and global economies, to discuss what risks and opportunities major wealth funds see in investing in the UK and to highlight the role of wealth funds in addressing key challenges such as climate change and the post-Covid recovery.

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Recent Documents related to Sovereign Wealth Funds

1. Sovereign Wealth Funds
14/07/2021 - APPGs

Found: To highlight the role of sovereign wealth funds in the UK and global economies, to discuss what risks

2. Call for Evidence
26/02/2021 - Inquiry: Inward Foreign Direct Investment - International Trade Committee
- View source

Found: facilitating inward investment? What role do Sovereign Wealth Funds play in UK inward investment – and how

3. UK Sovereign Wealth Fund
09/12/2016 - Parliamentary Research

Found: Number CDP 2016/0243, 9 December 2016 UK Sovereign Wealth Fund Matthew Keep, Jennifer Brown, Matthew

4. Inward Foreign Direct Investment
18/12/2020 - Select Committee Inquiry

Found: inward investment by foreign governments’ Sovereign Wealth Funds.

5. Lessons from Resource-Rich Developing Countries About Using Their Resource Revenues for Improved Public Service Delivery
09/03/2020 - Department for International Development
- View source

Found: 1. Summary 2. Fiscal rules 3. Sovereign wealth funds 4. Managing expenditures 5. Transparency

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Recent Speeches related to Sovereign Wealth Funds

1. Covid-19: Public Wealth Investment Fund
09/06/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: Government what plans they have to establish a public wealth investment fund to support those businesses affected - Speech Link
2: Lords, bold and ambitious schemes, such as a public wealth fund, will be necessary to support businesses in - Speech Link
3: is no question that we need some sort of public wealth investment bank to replace CBILS—perhaps using - Speech Link

2. UK Sovereign Wealth Fund
14/12/2016 - Westminster Hall

1: That this House has considered the UK Sovereign Wealth Fund.It is good to have you looking - Speech Link
2: come on to how we might then build up the sovereign wealth fund; the hon. Gentleman might like to come - Speech Link
3: floated in September 2013 this very idea of a UK sovereign wealth fund. Does he see our proposal of turning - Speech Link

3. Treasury
19/12/2016 - Ministerial Corrections

1: criteria of a country that would benefit from a shale wealth fund: we have a high debt and a large deficit, - Speech Link
2: communities to be able to choose to invest the funds for the long term. I thank the hon. Gentleman, as - Speech Link

4. National Security and Investment Bill (Fourth sitting)
26/11/2020 - Public Bill Committees

1: expressed anxiety about the activities of sovereign funds in other countries posing dangers to assets - Speech Link
2: on the Bill’s assessment that state entities and funds pose less of a risk than private entities to the - Speech Link
3: regime does not regard state-owned entities, sovereign wealth funds—or other entities affiliated with foreign - Speech Link

5. Future of the Oil and Gas Industry
14/03/2019 - Westminster Hall

1: potentially available from industrial strategy funds. I know that particularly pleases the hon. Member - Speech Link
2: the income away, rather than investing in a sovereign wealth fund.Furthermore, the McCrone report - Speech Link
3: its doorstep. It now has the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, yet in Scotland and the UK we have not - Speech Link

Latest Speeches
Recent Questions related to Sovereign Wealth Funds
1. Sovereign Wealth Funds
asked by: Mark Pritchard
... what plans he has to establish a Sovereign Wealth Fund.

2. Sovereign Wealth Funds
asked by: Chi Onwurah
... so it is not him personally buying it.

3. Sovereign Wealth Funds
asked by: Lord Field of Birkenhead
... what steps his Department has taken to establish a national sovereign wealth fund.

4. Sovereign Wealth Funds
asked by: Stephen Gethins
... what additional financial and legal protections are in place for UK firms and agencies which (a) collaborate with and (b) take investment from sovereign wealth funds.

5. Sovereign Wealth Funds
asked by: Stephen Gethins
... how he plans to maximise the effect of investment of sovereign wealth funds in the UK in each of the next five years.

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Saqib Bhatti
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Conservative - Meriden
Joined: 14th July 2021
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Lord Sarfraz
Conservative - Life peer
Joined: 14th July 2021
3 APPG Memberships
Burma , Oman , Saudi Arabia
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Lord Mendelsohn
Vice Chair
Labour - Life peer
Joined: 14th July 2021
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Earl of Erroll
Vice Chair
Crossbench - Excepted Hereditary
Joined: 14th July 2021
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Lord Mitchell
Vice Chair
Labour - Life peer
Joined: 14th July 2021
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Bim Afolami
Conservative - Hitchin and Harpenden
Joined: 14th July 2021
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