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To promote relations between Britain and Sweden, their parliaments and people.

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Recent Documents related to Sweden

1. Sweden travel advice
12/11/2019 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
- View source

Found: Sweden travel advice - GOV.UK // Bump

2. Double Taxation: treaty relief (Form DT-Individual (Sweden))
09/11/2020 - HM Revenue & Customs
- View source

Found: Sweden Individual Notes1. Double taxation Πbeing liable to pay tax in both countriesIf you have income

3. Trade and investment factsheets (partner names beginning with S)
12/02/2021 - Department for International Trade
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Found: Sweden This factsheet provides the latest statistics on trade and investment between the UK and

4. Sweden: tax treaties
30/12/2021 - HM Revenue & Customs
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Found: Sweden: tax treaties Tax treaties and related documents between the UK and Sweden.

5. Overseas Business Risk - Sweden
18/02/2021 - Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
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Found: Guidance Overseas Business Risk - Sweden Information on key security and political

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Recent Speeches related to Sweden

1. Health and Social Care
24/11/2020 - Ministerial Corrections

1: Chope) mentioned Sweden, but an article in The BMJ—a research study—concluded that Sweden and the US are - Speech Link
2: mentioned Sweden, but a JAMA research letter referred to in the BMJ concluded that Sweden and the US - Speech Link

2. Tobacco Harm Reduction
02/04/2019 - Lords Chamber

1: levels of smoking and incidence of lung cancer in Sweden as a result of steps taken by that government; - Speech Link
2: UK, 15.1%. There are no current plans to visit Sweden. Smoking is at the lowest level recorded in England - Speech Link
3: in the introduction of e-cigarettes. However, in Sweden, the adult smoking rate is now down to 5% because - Speech Link

3. Capital Gains Tax
28/04/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: convenient to discuss the draft Double Taxation Relief (Sweden) Order 2021, which was laid before this House on - Speech Link
2: the domestic legal systems of both Germany and Sweden mean that it is much simpler for these countries - Speech Link
3: arrangements between the United Kingdom and Germany and Sweden, respectively, as set out in the bilateral protocol - Speech Link

4. Double Taxation Convention: United Kingdom and Sweden
23/02/2021 - Written Statements

1: protocol to the Double Taxation Convention with Sweden was signed on 23 February. The protocol will give - Speech Link

5. Ukraine
17/01/2022 - Commons Chamber

1: right to have that choice. On my recent visit to Sweden and Finland, two non-NATO countries, it was clear - Speech Link
2: important even than what they choose. I would defend Sweden and Finland’s right to choose. If they choose not - Speech Link
3: successful military invasion of Ukraine? I visited Sweden and Finland last week. When such countries—strong - Speech Link

Latest Speeches
Recent Questions related to Sweden
1. Aviation: Sweden
asked by: Wera Hobhouse
... what plans he has to include Sweden on that list.

2. Coronavirus: Sweden
asked by: Jim Shannon
... what discussions he has had with his Swedish counterpart on that country's response to the covid-19 pandemic.

3. Gambling: Sweden
asked by: Lee Anderson
... if he will make an assessment of (a) recent trends in the level of participation in black market gambling in Sweden and (b) the potential implications for his policies of those recent trends.

4. Tobacco: Sweden
asked by: Adam Afriyie
... if he will discontinue the ban on snus oral tobacco.

5. Sweden: Coronavirus
asked by: Mark Pritchard
... when he plans to update his Department's Covid-19 Exceptional Travel Advisory Notice for Sweden.

Latest Questions
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11 Current APPG Officers
Ben Spencer Portrait
Ben Spencer
Vice Chair
Conservative - Runnymede and Weybridge
Joined: 8th April 2020
3 APPG Memberships
Finland , Japan , South Western Railway
Lord Mountevans Portrait
Lord Mountevans
Vice Chair
Crossbench - Excepted Hereditary
Joined: 7th August 2020
Viscount Craigavon Portrait
Viscount Craigavon
Crossbench - Excepted Hereditary
Joined: 30th July 2015
4 APPG Memberships
Denmark , Finland , Iceland , Norway
Contact Details

Registered Contact:

Andrew Bowie MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 0207 219 2791.

Email: andrew.bowie.mp@parliament.uk

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Former APPG Officers
Baroness Maddock Portrait
Baroness Maddock
Liberal Democrat - Deceased - 26 June 2020
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 20th May 2020
No other APPG Memberships
Mark Prisk Portrait
Mark Prisk
Chair & Registered Contact
Conservative - Former Member for Hertford and Stortford
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 5th November 2019
No other APPG Memberships
Kelvin Hopkins Portrait
Kelvin Hopkins
Vice Chair
Independent - Former Member for Luton North
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 5th November 2019
No other APPG Memberships
Nic Dakin Portrait
Nic Dakin
Vice Chair
Labour - Former Member for Scunthorpe
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 5th November 2019
No other APPG Memberships
David Mackintosh Portrait
David Mackintosh
Chair & Registered Contact
Conservative - Former Member for Northampton South
Joined: 21st July 2016
Departed: 2nd May 2017
No other APPG Memberships
Angela Watkinson Portrait
Angela Watkinson
Chair & Registered Contact
Conservative - Former Member for Hornchurch and Upminster
Joined: 30th July 2015
Departed: 31st August 2016
No other APPG Memberships