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Commons Chamber
Oral Answers to Questions - Tue 27 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: will those in the NHS. - Link
2: However, I would like to reassure him that we are looking closely at the proposals he has put forward - Link
3: Friend consider working with the banks to extend the very fair and sensible provisions of the pay as - Link
4: If we can get through this desperate crisis—the worst for 300 years—with anything like any of the projected - Link
5: rates holidays and the VAT reduction, as well as the very important wider restart grants and the additional - Link
6: Friend raises an important point, and that is why, as well as the fantastic kickstart scheme, which he - Link
7: It is important to notice that, in the end, we rejected the taking forward of any proposals on supply - Link
8: Equally, we were assured that there were no plans to destroy those records. - Link
9: Grieving families like mine deserve better. We deserve a place to remember those we have lost. - Link

Commons Chamber
Alcohol Products: Labelling - Tue 27 Apr 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: When we consider the role of alcohol in our society, we see that there is a balance to be struck - Link
2: To return to the matter of today’s debate—alcohol labelling—I would like to ask those listening - Link
3: At this point in the debate, I would like to encourage, as I am sure the hon. - Link
4: of the commitments that we would like to see, and to make sure that the consultation is rolled out so - Link
5: most timely as we consider what more can be done to protect people from those alcohol-related harms. - Link

Westminster Hall
Support for Asylum Seekers - Tue 27 Apr 2021
Home Office

1: one in seven asylum claimants who have a professional background in health and social care. - Link
2: perception that people newly arrived in the UK would be able to potentially jump social housing waiting - Link
3: I would like to extend my thanks to the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group and point out - Link
4: As a humanitarian, I too, like my constituents, believe that we can and should do more to provide much-needed - Link
5: I would also like to say that the town I represent has a proud history of supporting people in difficulty - Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19: Government Transparency and Accountability - Thu 22 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: I want to dwell on the progress to date; I am a fair-minded person and I like to give as much praise - Link
2: We all want to be able to visit care homes and have people able to leave those care homes. - Link
3: Equally, what positive outcome is there right now when residents in our care homes, who have all been - Link
4: As we heard earlier, the report made further important points about sharing data, trusting bodies to - Link
5: For me, hospital capacity and the pressure on the NHS would have been incredibly important in my decision - Link
6: That would be very dangerous on a public health matter, where it is so important for the Government to - Link
7: I would like to declare that I have been involved in the data collection, as a volunteer in the Office - Link
8: Will she liaise with her colleagues in the Department of Health and Social Care on that important issue - Link

Westminster Hall
Covid-19: Social Care - Thu 22 Apr 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: At the outset, it is important to acknowledge the diversity of the social care sector, as there - Link
2: domiciliary care, or in supported living—is every bit as important as the work done by NHS staff. - Link
3: I have fallen into talking about care homes, but domiciliary care is equally important. - Link
4: I would like to draw the Minister’s attention to the work of Sir Paul Carter, formerly the chairman - Link
5: Like the NHS, social care has faced huge pressures during the covid pandemic. - Link
6: I absolutely see unpaid carers as part of the breadth of the social care system that we must consider - Link
7: The point that I would like to make about the health and social care White Paper is that it talks - Link

Lords Chamber
Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy - Thu 22 Apr 2021
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

1: We should, of course, seek to trade with China and to engage with it on important issues such as climate - Link
2: an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option.” - Link
3: I would like to speak to them in two ways.The first is general. - Link
4: the review and is equally relevant to our land and air forces—would be a serious setback. - Link
5: growth, but I ask the Minister to consider a two-fold strategy. - Link
6: , which is so important in our return to anything like a normal life. - Link
7: As we prepare to host COP 26 in November, that is very important as the climate crisis is one of the - Link
8: jig-saw missing, the yet to be published Reserve Forces 2030 review, and it is on this that I would like - Link
9: It is regrettable that the current situation means that we are not able to debate quite as we would like - Link
10: However, I would first like to return to our starting point and remind colleagues of the context in which - Link

Grand Committee
Body Mass Index - Thu 22 Apr 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: We have to carry a bit of this.This approach does not work for people like me. - Link
2: , as the noble Lord pointed out, the call for it to be scrapped could negatively impact on the care of - Link
3: I would expect the use of BMI to decline as a useful test and new measures such as the Bod Pod and hydrostatic - Link
4: These are important issues that we need to confront for the future and one of the lessons that we can - Link
5: But, as I have said, it can be equally misleading as a guide to a healthy old age and, for this reason - Link
6: Instead, I would like to work towards finding a way through, because it is imperative that, as policymakers - Link

Westminster Hall
CPTPP - Wed 21 Apr 2021
Department for International Trade

1: We should be looking to work with like-minded countries around the world not only to participate in but - Link
2: It is important to note that it is not just the Indo-Pacific—we have countries such as Canada, Mexico - Link
3: would like to call it the CPTPP as well—will clearly strengthen our place on the world stage, giving - Link
4: We simply cannot trust the Tory Westminster Government not to sacrifice protections for our NHS in negotiations - Link
5: hard way what a failure to negotiate effectively looks like under this Conservative Government. - Link
6: The NHS remains off the table, as do our world-class standards, from food and animal welfare to the environment—a - Link

Lords Chamber
Domestic Abuse Bill - Wed 21 Apr 2021
Ministry of Justice

1: we want to ensure that the justice system and social care sector deal with carer abuse effectively, - Link
2: They will consider whether contact commitments in care plans have been implemented and whether the child - Link
3: We were hopeful that the Government would want to commit to making regulations rapidly, but, alas, no - Link
4: I would like to humbly correct the Minister on one point. - Link
5: So far as the Government are concerned, like the noble Baroness, Lady Finlay of Llandaff, they are committed - Link
6: Commons consider that the Amendment would preempt the outcome of that review. - Link
7: We agree with that and we are not talking about blocking the sharing of information with the NHS; we - Link
8: , as Governments understandably need and like to be. - Link
9: As we already know, the Government voted against the amendment, which would have improved access to justice - Link

Grand Committee
Net-Zero Carbon Emissions - Wed 21 Apr 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: and Social Care, the Foreign Office and all the rest, not just BEIS and Defra. - Link
2: Would the Minister like to join me in visiting a school to meet its school council, and to lobby it to - Link
3: Noble Lords would expect a laser-like focus on delivery on that by any Government aiming to meet their - Link
4: It is a way of saying that we cannot be too simplistic, but equally we have to make sure that we have - Link
5: As many noble Lords have pointed out, today marks another important step forward as we lay legislation - Link
6: This is an important point, but it is also vital to consider this in the context of the UK’s success - Link
7: I would like something that was substantial in itself, but that is clearly not going to be the case. - Link

Public Bill Committees
Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill (Fourth sitting) - Tue 20 Apr 2021
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

1: As I said in my intervention, other boards, such as the UKRI board, are required to consider the experience - Link
2: I would hope that belief in eugenics was sufficient to consider someone unfit for the board, but, as - Link
3: that we are spreading it equally across the country. - Link
4: , so finding a good link with local government, as well as with central Government, is important…Regional - Link
5: We would like to see those promises translated into institutional reality, and that is what these three - Link
6: I would like to make one key point about ARIA: as discussed previously, many of the details of ARIA’s - Link
7: I would like to push the amendment to a vote.Question put, That the amendment be made. - Link
8: education and helping kids to learn better, or with the NHS or anything else.” - Link
9: As I said earlier, we could have some social science challenges. - Link

Grand Committee
Covid-19: Economic Recovery - Tue 20 Apr 2021
No Department present

1: conflicts with the NHS-as-saviour narrative. - Link
2: We are social beasts and human interaction plays an important part in our lives, so clearly a balance - Link
3: The Resolution Foundation has pointed out that the social care sector needs 180,000 new workers if it - Link
4: I would also like to take this opportunity to emphasise the importance of joined-up government - Link
5: , as well as do social and economic damage. - Link
6: I would like to see the Government lean in on that and to implement the Hill review to ensure that great - Link
7: Equally important is an acknowledgement that a different conversation is never going to take place while - Link
8: I would like to travel the 240 or 250 miles to North Yorkshire and to think that there would be sufficient - Link
9: remain higher than we would like. - Link

Commons Chamber
Covid-19 Update - Mon 19 Apr 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: have a duty of care to protect the most vulnerable, so we will consider all options to keep people safe - Link
2: It is equally true that we have had capacity problems in the NHS for some time. - Link
3: I would like to thank the local NHS providers in Enfield and across the country for their herculean - Link
4: to the Scottish Government from UK taxpayers to spend on the NHS in Scotland. - Link
5: I would like to be able to get everybody in, and a fair number are in the Chamber. - Link

Commons Chamber
Finance (No. 2) Bill - Mon 19 Apr 2021
HM Treasury

1: If he would care to write to me with his specific concern, I would be happy to pick that up as well. - Link
2: health and care workers, that it is possible to do these kinds of things when the UK Government decide - Link
3: On clause 28, I urge the Chancellor to carefully consider the impact on NHS pensions of freezing - Link
4: but I would like them to pause a little, think through where we are and recognise that they may need - Link
5: That is why I would like to press my new clause 7 to a vote. - Link
6: (2) The report in subsection (1) must consider what the economic and social benefits would be - Link
7: I would like to think that we are all just a bit wiser and more savvy now, given that, in the growth - Link
8: The Government are right to delay the increase until 2023, as it gives companies time to plan as we emerge - Link
9: : ever widening regional inequality, low productivity and low wages in too many places; a social care - Link

Westminster Hall
Black Maternal Healthcare and Mortality - Mon 19 Apr 2021
Department of Health and Social Care

1: from the Government and the NHS to end the scandal. - Link
2: likely to get equal care in the NHS, and 78% of black women felt that the NHS would not give them equal - Link
3: who have signed the petition, must be used as a spur for the Government and the NHS to develop a clear - Link
4: we request that the Government work with the NHS to improve maternal health outcomes of black women, - Link
5: and physical roles such as social care. - Link
6: I would really like the Minister to address this issue. - Link
7: I know that they and we all want to see change, so I hope that the Government and NHS leaders have heard - Link