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To engage parliamentarians interested in electric vehicles by considering issues relating to manufacturing, energy supply and infrastructure requirements amongst others. The group will also consider the impacts of automated vehicles and other forms of electric mobility by bringing together manufacturers, businesses and experts to promote awareness and debate future policy options.

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Recent Documents related to Electric Vehicles

1. Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme eligible vehicles
18/10/2019 - Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)
- View source

Found: Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme eligible vehicles - GOV.UK

2. Electric vehicles and infrastructure
28/06/2019 - Parliamentary Research

Found: BRIEFING PAPER Number CBP07480, 28 June 2019 Electric vehicles and infrastructure By David Hirst Inside:

3. New noise systems to stop ‘silent’ electric cars and improve safety
01/07/2019 - Department for Transport
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Found: New noise systems to stop ‘silent’ electric cars and improve safety - GOV.UK

4. Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme authorised installers
06/11/2019 - Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)
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Found: Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme authorised installers - GOV.UK

5. Debate on a Motion on Ending the Sale of New Petrol and Diesel Cars and Vans
02/07/2019 - Parliamentary Research

Found: Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, Electric vehicles: driving the transition, Fourteenth Report

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Recent Speeches related to Electric Vehicles

1. Sale of New Petrol and Diesel Cars and Vans
04/07/2019 - Commons Chamber

1: positives that will come from the move to electric vehicles.Discussion of EVs usually starts with - Speech Link
2: visit the Jaguar Land Rover plant and look at the electric cars there, or did he go to look at the black - Speech Link
3: visited JLR—I was not on the visit—and the London Electric Vehicle Company plant. Indeed, the hon. Member - Speech Link

2. Alternative Fuelled Vehicles: Energy Provision
06/10/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: considered energy provision and alternative-fuelled vehicles.It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship - Speech Link

3. Electric Car Batteries: Disposal and Recycling
11/03/2020 - Commons Chamber

1: will require a massive rise in the number of electric vehicles in the UK.The Society of Motor Manufacturers - Speech Link
2: working rather than waiting until everyone owns an electric car? A massive environmental aspect has not been - Speech Link
3: The most common battery types in modern electric cars are lithium-ion. They hold a high-energy - Speech Link

4. Electric Vehicles
10/09/2020 - Lords Chamber

1: investing £2.5 billion to support the market for electric vehicles. As part of our consultation on bringing forward - Speech Link
2: environmental benefits of transition to electric vehicles are well understood, but I wonder whether she - Speech Link
3: declare an interest in that I own a Tesla all-electric motor car, and I support the request of the noble - Speech Link

5. Electric Vehicles (Standardised Recharging)
20/11/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: provision about standardised requirements for electric vehicle charge points; and for connected purposes - Speech Link

6. Vauxhall at Ellesmere Port and Battery Manufacturing Strategy
01/03/2021 - Commons Chamber

1: our transition to ultra low and zero emission vehicles by continuing to build an agile, innovative and - Speech Link
2: to make Britain a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, including the batteries that power them. - Speech Link
3: manufacture of electric vehicles, in order to meet the Prime Minister’s 10-point plan. Electric vehicles were a - Speech Link
4: Stellantis and others that he will back the switch to electric with real support? What is he demanding from the - Speech Link

7. Electric Vehicles and Bicycles
09/05/2018 - Westminster Hall

1: That this House has considered take-up of electric vehicles and bicycles.I am extremely grateful - Speech Link
2: conventional vehicles, although I share my hon. Friend’s enthusiasm for electric vehicles and know the - Speech Link
3: good-quality jobs.In 2016 a fifth of all electric vehicles sold in Europe were produced at the Nissan - Speech Link
4: sure that the hon. Gentleman is aware of the electric vehicles made in my constituency, such as those made - Speech Link
5: Members for constituencies that make conventional vehicles will bear with me, by the end of my remarks they - Speech Link

8. Vauxhall at Ellesmere Port and Battery Manufacturing Strategy
02/03/2021 - Lords Chamber

1: our transition to ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles by continuing to build an agile, innovative and - Speech Link
2: ambitious investment in electric vehicle technology, including the electric battery supply chain, in - Speech Link
3: to £1 billion to support the electrification of vehicles and their supply chains, including developing - Speech Link
4: they have to invest in the production of electric vehicles and batteries to ensure that the UK remains - Speech Link
5: everyone, I welcome the introduction of full electric vehicles, but the Secretary of State said:“We - Speech Link
6: ensure that a circular economy applies to electric vehicles as much as it applies to many other parts - Speech Link

9. Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill
26/06/2018 - Commons Chamber

1: development and deployment of both automated and electric vehicles in this country. It does so by amending the - Speech Link
2: Government with local authorities? For many people, electric charging is likely to take place on the forecourt - Speech Link
3: After clarifications were sought on which vehicles were covered by the definition in the Bill, the - Speech Link

10. Net Zero Targets and Decarbonising Transport
04/02/2020 - Westminster Hall

1: bringing forward the phase-out of petrol and diesel vehicles to 2035.The UK has been decarbonising more - Speech Link
2: deal with her point in his own way.On electric vehicles, there is a wide range of Government support - Speech Link
3: have over 22,000 public charging points for electric vehicles. There is a particular concentration in London - Speech Link
4: watershed moment. With the conversion to electric vehicles, however, we are up against some quite significant - Speech Link

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Recent Questions related to Electric Vehicles
1. Electric Vehicles
asked by: Jim Shannon
... what discussions he has had with Cabinet colleagues on supporting manufacturers to increase the range of electric cars.

2. Electric Vehicles
asked by: Jane Stevenson
... what recent assessment his Department has made of the potential merits of using powered two-wheelers as an alternative to public transport during the covid-19 outbreak.

3. Electric Vehicles
asked by: Alexander Stafford
... what estimate he has made of the number of electric vehicles that will be produced in the UK in each year up to 2030.

4. Electric Vehicles
asked by: Stuart Anderson
... what plans he has to (a) increase the number of electric vehicles on the UK's roads and (b) ensure the adequate supply of electricity for those vehicles.

5. Electric Vehicles
asked by: Baroness McIntosh of Pickering
... and (b) cars; and what estimate they have made of the sustainability of those sources of energy.

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